Women’s Urban Accessories

Are you looking for ways you can accentuate your urban clothing? Check out our broad selection of unique urban accessories for women at RebelsMarket. If you are searching for ways to spice up your look in the most affordable ways, you are in the right place. In a world full of opportunities, a woman's way of expressing herself is through her outfits should not be limited, and we are all about making it happen in the most modish way. Get to explore more of our collection and see that you grab more than you need because fashion is forever. 

Street fashion will have you updating your look now and then as its aim is not only to stick to what's already there but also, play along with what's popping in the modern world. Achieve a rebellious look with these high statement urban accessories that will give you a style worth dying for. With style having been drawn from skaters, art hoes, and the likes associated with it, urban fashion tends to bring out the bubbly and lively look.

Ways to switch up your wardrobe with urban accessories

Drawn from styles that encompass skate culture, hip hop, punk, and Japanese fashion, you bet you will be standing out with these unique accessories. Without further ado, let's dive in for options we have that you can purchase.

Belts & buckles

An urban wear belt is a useful piece to have, and most certainly, it is still needed when trying to pull off crazy, fan street looks. Among the many roles belts can play, outlining the shape and bringing out the other features in a human body has to be one of the reasons belts are still loved. Whether you want to use it on an oversized dress or use it to keep your trousers in positions, or any other DIY you want to try with your belt, the collection we have in store will help you achieve this and more. 

If you are shopping for an urban style belt, consider yourself in the right place because what we have is bound to wow people and get your fashion a notch higher. You can wear your belts with dresses, vintage skirts, pants, and other outfits that can still complement the belt you are going for. If you are going for a street look, you can focus on mismatching your belts as an accessory to your outfits to develop a more creative style. We have different types of belts and buckles you can check out, from elastic waist belts, ana belts to rivet waist train belts that are detailed with rivets and can be worn over an urban dress, among other options. 

Hats & caps

There's no better way to rock a streetwear outfit than wearing a complimentary hat to complete the look. If you are a hat lover, then this will be your perfect chance to paint the streets with stylish headwear. From bucket hats to baseball caps, among different varieties, you can get, get yourself high-quality good looking hats that will scream fashion.

Check out beret hats that come in different styles and details, such as prints. Whether you will want one with a touch of gothic lace-up bow beret that is black in color or the bright kawaii egg beret, we have them in store. The best part about the hats is that they can be worn with other outfits, such as punk rock leggings layered with a cardigan. Grab yourself an urban hat and experience the feeling of satisfaction with our unique hats and caps today.


Is there any other way to beat the cold without adding a scarf to your outfits? We are bringing you fabulous urban scarves for all seasons regardless of the weather changes you may be experiencing. Our scarves are stylish to elevate your alternative outfit leaving you on top of the fashion game. You can shop for different colors and materials such as wool and silk when it comes to scarves. From thick wool collar scarves that are perfect for winter to cotton scarf shawl wrap that is perfect to wear for any day, among many other designs you can get from our collection.


Socks come in handy every time we need to be in shoes or any comfortable environment. Be it at home or a sleepover with friends, one thing that we shouldn't forget to pack is a pair of socks. Whether you are shopping for spring or summer socks, ensure you find perfect-fitting socks that will perform the function you put them through. We have knee-high socks that can be worn with a plaid mini-skirt and a women fashion coat for a complete look. Get your style in shape and get a baddie look with unique socks from striped rainbow colors to graphic printed socks, among other designs.

Body Harness

Stand out with cute body harnesses that are bound to give you a sexy body shape. We have them come in different designs, ranging from PU leather leg clips to strappy bustier lingerie garters, among many more from our collection. Flaunt your feminine beauty with these unique harnesses that are bound to leave you nothing short of beautiful.

RebelsMarket offers you high-quality accessories that you can accentuate women's streetwear clothing with. Achieve your ultimate style with our products and get to experience a wonderful time when you shop with us. Get 10% OFF your first order, and remember, worldwide shipping is available.


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