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Vintage & Retro Inspired Jackets

Shop affordable collections of jackets from thousands of indie brands and alternative stores from around the world. Get 10% Off your first order and worldwide shipping.

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About Vintage & Retro Fashion

Vintage - If an item of clothing was created before the 1920s, it's consider "antique", but if it was made between 1920 and 1995, you should call it "vintage". Vintage clothing is huge in the fashion world, as fashion-forward mavens flock to thrift stores and online sellers to find bargains on gorgeous dresses, handbags and shoes. Most vintage clothing is secondhand, but the most desirable pieces are brand new, usually stock from old company warehouses that was never sold. Vintage aficionados call this clothing "deadstock" or "new old stock" and if you can get your hands on it you're a very lucky lady. Vintage clothing is a huge part of the indie subculture, where many people like the pretty, feminine dresses and smocks of bygone eras. Dressing in vintage clothing might also connect a person to the pin up, burlesque, steampunk or rockabilly scenes, as all these. A person might also lust after other "vintage" items