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Bustle Skirts

Do you need an alternative skirt that can enhance your bust? Look no further. Bustle skirts are the best option for you. They have a cushioned or padded back which enhances your waist level resulting in a graceful flow. They come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. They are very sensual outfits, and you can wear them to a party or as a bridal garment. 

Bustle skirts can go well with a wide range of body sizes. Plus size bustle skirts will be exquisite because they are high waisted and the high waist provides a slimming effect on the body's midsection. This therefore gives an hourglass shape from the front and an alluring wasp-like figure from the side. You can show off your sexy legs by having a skirt with an open front and a full tail at the back. There is also the option of trying it out with a belt, or you can wear an elastic waist. Other options of fastening the skirt include zippers, buttons, and straps.  

Best materials for bustle skirts

Cotton is the most common material used for bustle skirts. It is a soft fabric, and it can stretch, making you comfortable while wearing it. It is hypoallergenic and less likely to irritate your skin; this is a plus considering how delicate skin can be. It is considered to have a very high tensile strength, meaning it is a very durable fabric that is less likely to tear. Cotton gets more robust when it absorbs water, so you can be confident it will be able to withstand numerous washing cycles. 

Satin is another material that can be used to make these skirts. It is a synthetic fiber hence a cheaper alternative to cotton. It is made from silk or finely woven polyester. It is of medium weight because it does not have filler such as nylon or acetate. This fact makes it an ideal fabric to move around in comfortably as well as wash with relative ease. If you pick satin, you also have the advantage of keeping your skin moisturized because they can retain humidity. It will maintain the curls and frills of your skirt in their original shape, so you do not have to worry about ironing your bustle skirt.  

Mesh can also be used to make bustle skirts. It is well-ventilated, allowing you to wear it during the summer. It does not trap in humidity; thus, you can avoid sweat sticking to your fabric. It is also a cheaper alternative to cotton because it is a synthetic material designed to enhance its commercial value. Mesh is also a tightly woven fabric that is less prone to tears. Its soft and artificial attributes make it similarly quite easy to clean. 

Three stylish bustle skirts you have to try out


They are trendy and elicit a lot of sex appeal. You can wear it with an overbust corset. Pick a ruby red bustle skirt and pair it with a black underbust corset or a faux leather corset top. Add a sexy pair of black net pantyhose. When it comes to footwear, a black or ruby-red pair of sexy heels will do fine. Accessorize the outfit with cool black or red nail polish because it will provide context. A fancy pair of earrings and a  cute necklace are the last touches you need for a sexy, confident look.    


Midi's are a cool and sexy alternative to the mini bustle skirt. Though they are slightly extended, they still offer a similar sex appeal. Go for a skirt with an imperial color like dark purple. The best corsets to wear with a midi are lace-up corsets. Complement this style with black leather knee-high boots. You can go for heeled boots if you want a little more credence. Complement your cleavage by accessorizing with an alluring pendant. To finish, polish up with a personalized pair of ear cuffs, and you have yourself a very seductive attire. 


If you want a distinguished look, then maxi it is. Go for bold colors like pink to give you a feminine look. Try this look with a steampunk bustle skirt made of satin because it has less friction on your skin when moving. The fabric will also give you an easy time when it comes to cleaning. Pair this with a sheer white blouse and a matching belt. Depending on your taste, you can consider wearing a pair of black or pink heels to go with your outfit. A bold way to accessorize would be to go for a white, black, or pink scarf instead of a necklace. Finally, add an eccentric pair of fingerless leather gloves, and you have yourself a very refined sense of style. 

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