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Chukka Boots

High-quality leather chukka boots for men are simple footwear initially worn by British soldiers in world war II. The term "chukka" was copied from a game called polo, where it is used in a period of play.  The style was first adopted in the late 1940s through the 1960s as casual footwear. In the 21st century, however, the shoes dominated the industry as a staple that could be worn with both jeans and suits. 

What materials are used? 

Although chukka boots can be made from other materials, most of them are crafted from suede or calfskin. Additionally, they also have two to three pairs of eyelets, depending on the shoe.

They come in just about any color you can think of like red, blue, burgundy, and dark brown. Your choice, therefore, depends on your style and preferences. If you are looking to buy your first pair of double monk straps, go for the mid-brown or dark brown ones. If you, however, want to create a touch of versatility, then you can opt for lighter shades of color such as black/white or gray/white two-tone chukkas. 

 While most people assume that men's chukka and desert boots are the same, there are distinguishing features that tell the two apart.

While all desert boots are chukkas, not all chukkas are desert boots. Regardless of material, chukkas are ankle boots with eyelets (mostly two to three). Desert boots, on the other hand, are chukkas that have suede uppers and crepe leather soles. Do you now get the difference?

Ultimate Styling Tips 

Consider adding wingtip brogues to your arsenal and get different looks with each pair. Suede, for instance, will not only give you that cozy look you've been dreading for but will also add a streamlined look in all your business attires. When correctly sized, they should comfortably fit. 

(1). With Jeans

 Given that double monk straps have a laidback look, they work great with both office and casual wear. For a work setting, consider pairing with denim, preferably of a darker color. For a balanced combo, you can comfortably dress your pair in fitting jeans or chino pants. Upgrade this look by putting on a button-down shirt.

For a streetwear outfit, wear a pair of light denim jeans. You can also opt for a darker shade of denim, especially if you want to create a more casual streetwear look. The jeans should, however, be skinny fit jeans.  

(2). With Shorts

 If you are a lover of shorts, you must get the perfect pair that will match your shorts. A smart pair made from genuine leather can effortlessly take you from work to the weekend. While not all shoes can suit all your outfits,  the handcrafted chukka boots are an excellent choice for pairing with your shorts as they never disappoint.

For a rugged look, pair with cargo shorts and a tailored shirt. You can go ahead and throw on a jacket or a light cardigan. The coat will not only shield you from the cold but will also make it easier for you to transition from day to night. 

Although pairing boots and shorts may seem odd, the two are a perfect combination.  How about you try out this style tip this year!

(3).  Should you Wear Socks?

Well, chukka boots for men tie up pretty close to the ankles, so not wearing merino socks won't make your feet feel more relaxed. If you want to prevent your feet from getting sweaty and all stinky, I'd recommend not dropping the socks.

(4). Can they be worn in Summer?

 The best part is that they can be worn all year round. You only have to upgrade your style just a little bit to suit each season. Just remember to turn up the hem of your jeans as you don't want to cover too much, do you?

 Though men's leather chukka boots are casual, the dress shoes can also be worn with both business casual and smart casual outfits. All you need is just a perfect outfit to pair with, and you'll be good to go.RebelsMarket offers a variety crafted with high-quality leather materials. Get your pair now at an affordable price.