Horror Clothing

If you have a penchant for the creepy, an affinity for the scary, and a downright obsession with all things horror, then you’ll love our horror clothing. We have a vast selection of horror merch, costumes, and everything you need to create a creeptastic look that stands out from the crowd.

So if you’ve got a crush on Dracula, love yourself some Lovecraft, or adore everything about this shadowy corner of popular culture, look no further.  

As an online fashion store, RebelsMarket features hundreds of different brands, each with its own patented items. This means we offer you high-quality authentic horror-themed clothing.  Below are some of the horror clothing options from our collection to consider as you shop online.   

Horror clothing to shop for online

Horror t-shirts

Besides being versatile, rocking a men’s or women’s horror t-shirt is a definite homage to H.P. Lovecraft. We have multiple t-shirts in different prints to help you create any horror-inspired fantasy. What’s more, our t-shirts are made from light, breathable materials such as cotton, making them a suitable summer choice.  

If you are looking for a round neck cotton t-shirt to rock on the weekend, then a ‘Freak Show’ black horror t-shirt makes the cut. This horror merch is made from 100% cotton and is azo free for any harmful dye concern.  

For men’s horror tees with a simplistic touch, we have vintage-inspired ‘Bela loves Vampira’ t-shirts, and just like the ‘Freak Show’ t-shirts, they are short-sleeved and made from cotton, which makes them an ideal option for a sunny day.

Unlike horror characters, you can step out and enjoy the sunlight without a daylight ring but if you are a horror fan to the core, add horror jewelry to your outfit for a fully-fledged horror look.  

Horror inspired hoodies

Search from dozens of horror print hoodies to keep you warm and cozy this winter. Whether you need something to throw on as you go shopping or on that snowboarding trip, RebelsMarket has a ton of horror-inspired hoodies for any winter activity.

Our hoodies are made from soft thick materials such as polyester, which regulates and conserves warmth from the body. We also have hoodies in multiple horror prints such as the ‘Reaping Tour,’ which gives you options for everyday outfits. Spruce up your wardrobe by adding horror hoodies to your collection.   

Horror accessories

What a better way to crown your outfits than with accessories that have a touch of horror to them? 

Add an aura of dark sophistication by adding an alien necklace to your horror dress and if you are more of an earrings kind of lady, then be sure to add a pair of black spider horror earrings to go with your dark style.  

When it comes to horror bags, we have messenger bags and crossbody bags that come in different sizes to suit your preference. You no longer have to compromise on your style, rock from head to toe in horror clothing to quench your Dracula fashion thirst.  

Whether you embody a horror movie character or a general fanatic, shopping for horror clothing has never been this simplified. We feature dozens of horror clothing from designers worldwide. 

We have tons of tees, hoodies, and accessories to choose from, all at affordable prices. Shop today and get 10% OFF your first order.  



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