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Nativity Angel Costumes

"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly." - Gilbert K. Chesterton. With the positivity and calmness that the nativity angel costumes bring, you will enjoy dressing up as one for the next themed party. Polish your halo and look truly divine with our beautiful cosplay collection. Perfect for religious plays and traditional themes, choose from a wide selection of outfits for adults and children, complete with Halloween accessories like wings and halos!. Even if you don’t believe in the appearance of these celestial beings, you’ll still enjoy the calmness that is inherent in the garments. So shop with us today!

When there is an entire room of monsters, ghouls, and bad guys, it is nice to be the beacon of light. Showcasing all the good there is in the world; you will be wearing the most beautiful ensemble at your next get-together. Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder, the keepers of magic and dreams. Be the light that people look up to on Christmas with our angelic costumes for sale; you will love gracing everyone with your presence, whether you’re going for trick-or-treating or throwing the ultimate Halloween party.

Whether from heaven above or dwelling in the darkness of our desires, there's just something about these garments that makes the heart take flight! Look at some of the prominent angel nativity Halloween costumes available at RebelsMarket for more outfit ideas. Get inspiration from movies like Legion, Fallen, and Wings of Desire for character dress-ups, especially religious parties, dramas, and carnivals. You can even shop for fairy cosplay outfits and draw inspiration from movies like Tinkerbell if you are looking for something close to divine. This season, you can choose from several holy looks to bring Heaven to Halloween, or you go for dark and mysterious, whatever your heart desires. 

Why should you buy a nativity angel’s costume?

This is the time to look forward to the Christmas story of the birth of Christ. We get to hear of the mysterious star that led the shepherds to the child, the visit of the Wisemen bearing gifts, and the glorious scene at the manger. If you are nearing the festive season, then the garments can be the most relevant to shop for. Besides, these unique Halloween collections would be best if you have a religious audience for your school plays or community gatherings. Also, they are a good fit if you want to go to a traditional Halloween party. You can even buy the devil attire from RebelsMarket and plan a duo with your friend to create the right scenario for the religious party. We have ensembles available for boys, girls, men, and women. So have a look at our range and find which character suits you for this year’s Nativity play.

Kids’ nativity costumes

As the purest souls around, children are well suited to be dressed up as the little angels they are. This collection is the perfect go-to ensemble for your little one. A beautiful set of wings topped with a signature halo will have your child feeling like royalty in no time. Your loved one will look adorable in a toddler lil’ miss angel tutu nativity skirt with a flowing gown and sash along with wings and a headband. Make her the star of the Christmas play today with our set of outfits and accessories. You can also check out our princess collection for even more adorable and fairy-themed looks that she would love to wear for trick or treating or a party.

Adults nativity costumes

We also carry a selection of angel attires for adults that will have everyone admire your look. We offer simple white dresses and gowns for a holy-themed event or party, with classic accessories like stockings, wings, and headbands to have you looking like one of these celestial beings. An all-white dressing is a perfect way to stand out at the party and show off your sweet and innocent side. On the other hand, if you want to show off your sexy side, you can spice things up with our burlesque collection for women featuring fancy corsets and bodysuits to flaunt your curves, with wings to match. 

Dark nativity costume

Not all angels fly along the path of white light; some prefer darkness. They still hold the same magic and undeniable power, but the evil of darkness isn't innocent by any means. Add a little witchcraft to your Halloween attire, and you will constantly be trying to lure everyone else away from the light. With your sneaky ways, make a grand entrance at the party with the dark on your side. Go all the way to the other side with a black theatrical dark angel costume from our horror collection in black-themed skeleton dresses, dark wings, and halos. Who can deny the devilish fun that comes with these dark ensembles? Whichever route you choose, your attire will be perfectly suited for you!

Mary Nativity Costume for the real religious understanding

Mary’s nativity costume, together with the other characters of the Bible, can help you understand the religious event of the birth of Jesus. Using such Bible-themed outfits on Halloween can also be great for a festive theme. It actually means that you can buy it and get the most value from it. So shop for nativity outfits for you and your little ones today and bring the Bible to life. 

While these attires are a fair choice for cosplay and themed carnivals, they can be equally good when you want your kids to learn more about Angel Gabriel, Jesus, and Mary, along with the religious events surrounding them. Whether you like the positivity of the angels, Bible stories or just want your little ones to have a clearer understanding of the religion, these ensembles will be of great help.

Every storyline features good versus evil; decide your fate this Halloween with our collection of angel nativity costumes. Whether you are going for innocent, sexy, or the ultimate evil, shop with us for a variety of looks to adorn at the party. Browse through our attires and accessories for different styles for you and your little one. Shop today and get 10% OFF your first order. We also offer worldwide shipping.