Period Panties

Let’s be real, being a girl can be tough, and ruining your cute underwear during your time of month is nobody’s idea of fun. Not only do you have to deal with what feels like being stabbed in the abdomen with Satan’s pitchfork, but you also stress about awkward stains and uncomfortable leakage. Shop period panties today to be well prepared for when your next visit from Mother Nature comes around. With these leak proof layered undies, you’ll be covered with protection so you don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions and embarrassing situations. Try a pair out and avoid stained pants, bed sheets, awkwardness in public, and overall hassle for the rest of your days. These panties are specially made to be easily washable to reduce your worries. What have you got to lose? Be ready for your girl cycle to be completely changed and upgraded with these awesome period panties! 


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Expecting that time of month? There’s no longer any need to stress about getting your favorite pairs of underwear ruined by leaks and stains. Just shop leak proof period panties that can be worn under any outfit, on or off of your period. Layered fabric helps to keep your comfortable all day by absorbing excess moisture and liquid. Since this underwear is literally made for comfort, it can also be perfect for every day. Take your period lightly with humorous designs and phrases printed on your panties or keep it simple with basic colors. The choice is yours with the most unique and high- performing period panties on the web, right here at RebelsMarket