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Here at Rebels Market, we believe in the individual. Alternative fashion has always been a home for rebels, outsiders, creatives, and original thinkers. Whatever your budget, we offer the best high-end quality, affordable accessories, and we only offer a uniquely alternative style. Shop here, and you can shine a light on the rebel in you through every inch of your look.  Why not start with your bag?
No matter what subculture you align with, there is something universal about the skull symbol across the board. What better way to show your dark side but with unique accessories? The most boring, everyday clothes can be made unique and given an individual spark with a skull bag or a ribcage rucksack. You can find and shop for unique backpacks, wallets and purses right here. 

Carry your essentials for work or play in something strange and unusual with our collection of skeleton bags. It’s not just about the human skull. We’ve also got motifs from the natural world, including goat skulls with curly horns, bird skeletons, cat skulls, and even the death's head hawk moth with a skull placed perfectly between its’ wings. Shop for your urban street style with graffiti-inspired designs layered with text and 3D, cyber skulls inspired by the future. You can go psychobilly with poodle skeletons, or get inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead with layers of skulls and flowers, Frida’s figure, and sugar skull scrolls.

From clutches, to cross body bags, to satchels, our stack of skull styles come in leather and suede, vegan alternatives, cotton or canvas. We offer sleek and minimalist designs or crystal-encrusted and rivet-studded showstoppers. The iconic backpack hasn’t lost its grip on trends, and you can hold on to your individuality when you shop for bags at Rebels market.

Skull bags have elevated the symbolic possibilities of fashion items providing an opportunity for social change. With deeper meanings attached to the skull trend, this skull fashion has brought out the beauty that lies between life and death. Show the world that beauty can be found even in unimaginable places with a skull bag of your choice. Whether you wish to simply achieve an edgy look, or you want to identify with a group, these skull bags will always set you distinct.

Why skull purses and handbags? Along with every boring neutral tote bag or bucket bag, every woman needs a handbag that is stylish; one that can be worn on a night out with pride. Skull Handbags are a perfect mix of style and edge, and are sure to both compliment your outfit and make a statement. Skull bags can vary is size, shape, and color, and it’s important to find one that fits your personal style.

More petite women need a smaller bag that doesn’t overwhelm their frame, while other women may prefer a handbag that is large enough to fit all the necessities for a night out and still have room for more. Contrary to popular belief, sugar skull purses are not only for the heavily alternative crowd but they can also be styled for everyday wear and give the perfect amount of flair to any outfit. Don a badass bag with a neutral-colored dress, leather jacket, and red pumps for a look that is both edgy and fashion-forward. Find the skull purse that is perfect for you, and shop now!


How To Style Skull Purses & Handbags

Whatever your style, you can work a skull bag into your look. Have you seen those girls with lavender and turquoise curls that tumble down like a mermaid? Think baby pink doll, but evil, like Barbie with a harness and a Baphomet tattoo. Pastel Goth princesses rock Kawaii pastels, but instead of featuring cupcakes and teddy bears, you’ll find inverted crosses and pentagram motifs. Add a grinning skull backpack and huge platforms, and you’ll be killing the pastel goth vibe too

Are you into something more refined? Pinstripes and corset lacing? Cogwheels and buckles? Fastenings in copper and brass like industrial mechanical parts? Do you rock a look with military lappets and bold gold braid in loops? We love SteamPunk here at RebelsMarket and our steam-powered skeleton head satchels are a dream. Every Victorian dandy needs somewhere to stash the keys to their airship, right? 

In 1977 the original Punk look included tartan bondage trousers, and daring, printed muslin shirts, with ripped hems repaired with safety pins. Bootlace ties and drape jackets nodded to the teddy boys from the fifties with crepe sole brothel creepers and black drainpipe, skinny jeans. Punk rock is still evolving, but there are a few staples across the sub-genres with the leather jackets, studs and spikes running through. Put a cherry on the top of any punk rock look with a skull motif clutch bag. 

The 90’s trend won’t die, and grunge fashion is still everywhere. Check out our grunge edit. Find acid wash denim, ultra-fine fishnet stockings and huge chunky black boots with an industrial tread that will get you prepared for a construction site as well as a heaving mosh pit! Add blood red lipstick, some messy space buns and a skull backpack and you’ll be setting the standard for a distinct New York City grunge glamour like Luanna.

Join the fashion world in celebrating symbolic meanings and social ideals of the skull trend. Television shows, vampire, pirate, and CSI themed films feature skeleton props setting them distinct. This skull fashion wave has adorned celebrities on runways as well as in red carpet events. The skull style is not only purposed to set one as unique but also evokes attitudes and sets an adventurous, provocative and daring mood. Skull bags are fashion accessory must-haves if you love skulls. The skull trend never dies, for it continuously blends with other upcoming trends. These bags vary even to sugar skull bags. Buy these amazing skull fashion accessories here and set the trend!

Handbags with skulls are a marvelously morbid way to tote around everyday essentials. From your everyday items to secret essentials, a girl's whole world is in her bag! On RebelsMarket, we have a wide selection of affordable edgy purses and handbags to complete your outfit just the right way. These bone-chilling sugar skull bags can either be worn like traditional backpacks; the only difference is their realistic skull shape for purses and handbags. To add a whole other level of creepy, the bags are uniquely designed with different skull shapes to keep you in trend and people away from your bag.

If you like you can rock some awesome skull jewelry to complement the hell out of your look mang. These skull handbags are intricately designed especially for you, the rebel. Enjoy looking through our extensive selection today.