Wingtip Shoes

Often used as an alternative term for brogues, a wingtip is any shoe with a wing-shaped pattern on the upper. The design can be found in different shoes, from monk straps to oxford shoes and Derbys. A shoe with a wingtip-style toecap but no perforations is known as an "austerity brogue." In contrast, a plain-toe shoe with wingtip-style perforations is called a "blind brogue."

History of Wingtip Shoes

The history of wingtip shoes is closely tied to that of the brogues. Brogue shoes are a Scottish/Irish invention that was discovered in the 16th to 17th centuries. They were initially designed for wading in water. The primary purpose of the perforations was to drain water. Nowadays, the holes are purely for decorative purposes. It can be challenging to distinguish brogues from wingtips as both share many aesthetic features. This guide will, therefore, help in understanding the differences as well as finding the best ones to buy from RebelsMarket.

Why Buy a Pair?

If you're looking for your first pair of cool dress shoes for men, then a wingtip shoe style should not be your starting point. It's a sleek look that can pair well with the right outfit, but it's not as versatile as a pair of Oxfords. However, if you’re a man looking to build your shoe wardrobe, then the pair is worth adding to your rotation.

 Different Types Available

Wingtips come in many variations such as;

(1). Spectator Shoes

These have contrasting colors – one shade of leather for the toe cap, another for the rest of the brogue. Most of them have darker heel caps, toes, and lace panels as compared to the main body of the shoe.

(2). Wingtip Boots

Precisely the same as regular wingtips, but they continue above the ankle. As with any brogue boots, they're more casual and work best with casual trousers or split suits.

(3). Austerity Brogues

As mentioned, these are wingtips with no broguing. Since they’re plain, they dress up a touch further, although they’ll still look just as good with skinny jeans.

(4). Longwing Brogues

They differ from full brogues or wingtips in that the 'wings' of the wingtip wrap around the entire length of the shoe. The wings also meet at a center seam at the heel. They are sometimes referred to as ‘American brogues’ in the US and ‘English brogues’ in the UK. They are either made as Derbys or oxfords.

How to Style

Wingtip shoes for men have less ornamentation than regular brogues. This makes them dressier. They can easily be dressed down or up depending on the design and color you choose. Wingtips, particularly the two-tone shoe, are more of a casual style. They should not be worn in high –formality business settings. However, they still pair well with mandarin collared shirts, jeans, and sport coats.

Generally speaking, the bigger the wings and the more holes the shoe has, the less formal it is. Color also plays an integral part in terms of pairing. Black, for instance, always looks a bit dressier than white and red.

Light-colored suedes and leathers pair well with odd jackets, skinny jeans, and casual trousers. The good thing about wingtip shoes is that they can be worn anytime, as long as the colors are seasonally appropriate. Try going for black suede oxfords for winter, suede Derby for summer, tan suede for summer, and chocolate brown monk straps for Autumn.

How to Care for Wingtips

Just like your other clothing items, your shoes should be cleaned and maintained regularly. By taking care of them, you'll often protect all of your purchases so that they last longer.

  • Shoe Polish

Leather shoes require regular wax polishing. This not only helps to moisturize the leather but also prevents cracking. Be sure to wipe them clean first before smearing on polish. If any excesses get into the broguing, use a toothpick to pick them out.

  • Waterproofing

Suede and leather shoes should be waterproofed to protect them. Waterproofing compounds come in different forms. You can opt for specialty water protectants, spray-on solutions, or wax-based polishes. Spray-on solutions are, however, more effective and easier to use.

  • Shoe Horn

Once the backs of your shoes wear down, they’ll never look as good. Protect them by using a shoehorn when putting them on or taking them off.

  • Horsehair Brush

Use a horsehair brush to gently remove dirt and debris on the surface of all kinds of shoe materials.

  • Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are objects; wood or plastic, placed inside shoes to maintain their shape. Wooden shoe trees are better than plastic ones as they absorb built-up moisture, drying the shoe lining.

  • Dry Them Out

You may love your new wingtips, but don’t wear them back-to-back. Leather dress shoes should be given at least 24 hours in between wears.

 Cool wingtip shoes for men can turn a simple suit into an impressive outfit. All you need is just the perfect pair that will suit your wardrobe and personality.RebelsMarket offers a variety crafted from high-quality leather materials. Get your pair now at an affordable price. 


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