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Goth Bags

What's the most important piece of accessories one should have in their closet? Bags! Find more options you can get from RebelsMarket with new gothic bags that will take your gothic outfit out of this world. Bags are the most used type of carrier one can have but also, it's an everyday necessity that is hard to resist due to their function. If you ever find yourself struggling with many items on your hands, you can get yourself one or more for your own use.

Gothic bags are popular due to their creepily put-together features, such as skulls and skeletons that are dark and old-fashioned in a scary way. You might be asking yourself why gothic bags and not any other type or style? Gothic fashion is represented in formal places such as offices showing how much the fashion is accepted and transitioned over time. Being a gothic member is no longer limited to attending to some areas or functions as the style is shown love by people all over the world. With the good blend in between working areas, dress codes, and fashion, one can easily express their styles through our bags.

Purchase an endless selection of bags you can invest in because what we are offering will attract people's attention in a function. Speak life into affordable goth accessories that you can have to complement your everyday style. Whether you will be attending an event and need a gift bag or are new to motherhood and need a diaper bag at hand with cool dark aesthetics like skulls and grimmy images, you are more than welcome to get them from our stores.

Which occasions can I bring my bag to?

One can never have one too many bags in their collection. Get yours today, that can get you wherever you may want to go as fashion is timeless.

Night out

If you are a fan of clubbing or love nightlife and enjoyment, you must be aware of how inconvenient it can get to secure your valuable items. Get yourself a clutch purse that will be favorable to you at the moment. Yes, they are tiny but elegant and super convenient for your hands. You will be sorted as you will be able to put your lipgloss or phone as you enjoy the occasion with your friends. Styled with a midi skirt and alternative women's heels, add your perfect clutch as you head out for the night. Get spooky and ouija board clutch bags from our collection.


Looking for ways you can get a stylish, sophisticated look with a gothic school bag? Browse through our page for unique pieces like a skeleton print hoodie backpack with extra side pockets you can wear with gothic t-shirts and pants. Make a loud statement as you walk into school with our eerie bags that feature skulls, witchy designs, bats, and owls. Every day will be Halloween for you with our sophisticated top-notch pieces. We also have gothic laptop bags and tote bags for the ladies that you can enjoy carrying to school.


Are you looking for a bag that is stylish and you can take to different occasions like concerts? Consider shopping for cool cross-body bags you can throw over your shoulder or a black gothic fanny pack that is trendy. Get a medusa tentacle to ram skull bags, among many others you can get in our collection. Rock the crossbody bag look with women's punk rock dresses and finish off with a pair of sneakers.

Trendy gothic bags to purchase

Bags & backpacks- What's more remarkable than having a trendy backpack? Experience our diverse collection of gothic bags & backpacks that are nothing short of modish. Our wide range of bags ranges from shopping bags, mystery, to nosferatu backpacks featuring different materials and brands.

Shop for messenger bags you can comfortably carry heavy items, such as books in. The bag is perfect for a corporate as well as a casual event. A gothic messenger bag can house your laptops to carry to school, coffee dates, presentations, or a working setup. Our vast collection consists of retro messenger laptop bags to faux leather NU bags, to mention but a few.

If you love outdoor activities, a shoulder bag will be ideal for you. With many options to choose from, you will love what we have put together for you to add to your cart. Stand out with a gothic leather bag that is durable and timeless. Styled with men's punk rock jeans and a tank top, you are good to go with these bags because you don't have to be dressed formally to get a style out of them.

If you are searching for a black gothic backpack, be sure to find plenty of options at RebelsMarket. The backpacks feature different styles you can think of. If you are going for a look that will easily blend in with your steampunk outfit, then you can shop for a gothic steampunk bat wing backpack that is wing-shaped and has additional details such as a zipper to keep your belongings intact. If you prefer a different version in a backpack, you can check out gothic punk backpacks that are made of PU leather material.

Wallets & money clips- Looking for a small carrier you can get to keep your passports and credit cards safe? Peruse our catalog of gothic wallets & money clips that will be worth every penny. They range from Elvira coffin wallet, baroque skull wallet, and black clutch cardholders, among many more. As you browse through our page, shop with confidence because our products come at affordable prices and will give you a ghastly but sophisticated look.

Purses & handbags- For the beautiful ladies who are on a hunt for unique and creepy goth purse, your search is over as we are bringing you terrific staples to add to your wardrobe. Get yourself amazing offers from a bat striped shoulder clutch with a hidden zippered compartment and a rear pocket to ouija board handbags, among many more designs. If you prefer your handbag any different, you can shop for an Illuminati crest handbag with double handles and a single zipper on the top. 

Fanny packs- Is there a better way to kickstart the weekend mode without fannies on your list. Whether you want one with adjustable straps or one you can style in any different way possible, fannies are the ideal bags. Our catalog consists of hip bags that can be worn around the waist or anywhere else you would want to. If you prefer a different design, you can check out a bat waist fanny bag made of vegan leather wings and have straps that can be adjusted. Our fanny packs come in Tiberio pentagram designs, multifunctional belt bags, among other varieties you can shop for.

You may come across different types of bags from our collection while going through our page you may be interested in. Be sure to keep coming back as we are unleashing top trendy bags you can rock for an elegant look. Shop with us and experience a wide range of gothic bags, from spooky shoulder strap clutches, bat hexagram bags to skull head sling bags, among many more from our collection. Get 10% OFF your first order—worldwide shipping available.