Gothic Masks

Fashion has a way of taking our core wardrobe essentials and turning them into statement pieces. It’s no surprise that gothic masks that were once considered creepy are a hit and have been embraced by the fashion world. Face coverings may still feel like an unusual addition to our daily routines due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to look stylish in them. By opting for a stylish piece in the right print to suit your gothic-inspired outfit, wearing a fashionable face mask can become more than just a collective responsibility; it can be an entirely new form of self-expression. So secure your wardrobe with one or two pieces from RebelsMarket and embrace the style that is becoming a worldwide sensation!

There are many ways to look trendy and stylish in the staple, whether it is a simple half-face goth mask for your everyday clothing or a full-face gas mask for a festival. The trendy options provided to us by RebelsMarket are endless. Today, there are an array of styles, from tribal prints, skulls, leather to creepy Halloween face coverings. Why not try out our unique collection of goth accessories for your dark-themed alternative look, whether it is steampunk, punk, or vintage. We have a wide range of options to go for, so find a suitable piece that suits your personality and makes your fashion statement stand out with extra spice. 

Below, we have rounded up our gothic collection for sale in various designs according to the occasion. You can also check out our other dark accent accessories, like punk rock masks or steampunk, to complete your festival or everyday looks. So go ahead and get comfortable with one that speaks to your style, be it printed, plain, or spooky. Whatever accessory you are shopping for, let us entice you with our exclusive selection of dark-themed face coverings for men and women to style with your costume or outfit. 

Occasions to shop for a gothic mask

Are you thinking of shopping for a cool face covering that will make you stand out from the crowd during the festival or party? We have various pieces, such as skull face wraps made of soft and stretchy microfiber polyester that protects against heat. It is also suitable for raving, skiing, skating, and motorcycling. We have other designs like the O-ring leather mask, made of synthetic leather, and a detailed fishnet at the center to make it easy to breathe. Complete your festival clothing with a gothic fanny pack. You can also go for a vintage spiked carnival mask and style it with a top, distressed leggings, and a stylish pair of platforms for a killer look. Secure your collection with sturdy pieces as you tour the best goth festivals around the world.

We also have a wide variety of goth face coverings you can wear to a masquerade-themed event where elegance rules the day. Shop for a simple embroidered eye masquerade mask for men. Style the embroidered piece in different colors and designs with a black tuxedo accessorized with gold cufflinks and a chunky ring for a dark, dapper look. Ladies, you can also create a stylish evening ensemble by shopping for a gothic Venetian mask in mesh details and fancy laces and pair it with a sexy v-neck dress. Seal the outfit with a lace eyepiece, complemented with heels and delicate goth jewelry, like a skull bracelet or pendant necklace. We have a wide variety of masquerade eyepieces to choose from, be it a half-face or full-face.

Are you looking for unique accessories to incorporate into a gothic costume for a horror look? We have the face covering for you! You can go for a plague doctor mask with spikes details and matching goggles to add to your Halloween outfit. Find other styles, shop for the bunny half-face covering made of PVC and rubber to incorporate into your fetish clothing. Secure your Halloween wardrobe with other cosplay filter face coverings, like our steampunk masks with a vintage twist, with spikes and gears to spice a basic look. If you are looking for something to stand out with, then our collection will do you justice!

Shop for printed masks to style with your everyday clothing. We have an array of patterns, prints, and designs that will match your style. Take a look at the floral pieces we have; you can find roses, night fog, colorful dragon pieces that will add a pop of color to a dark look. If you aim for creepy, we have staples to add to your everyday skull clothing ensembles, like monster face, Sigil of Baphomet, and grunge skulls. Style your witch clothing outfits with designs like ouija board, crescent moon, and pentacle skull. The pieces are made of cotton with elastic straps to make sure that they fit comfortably. 

Shop today at RebelsMarket for cheap gothic masks that will effortlessly turn a simple look into an outrageous statement. Whether you are going for a half or full-face, leather or cotton, you can find a suitable piece to match your sense of fashion. We curate unique face coverings from various indie brands and stores across the globe, and you won’t find them in regular stores or malls. Browse through our collection for trendy pieces that are within your budget. Get 10% OFF your first purchase today. Worldwide shipping available!


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