Women’s Harajuku Skirts

Do you want to paint the streets with colorful and bright Japanese fashion clothing? Make a purchase of women's Harajuku skirts at RebelsMarket and get to experience an out of this world fashion sense. Up your closet game by embracing our adorable and cute women's Harajuku clothing styles for a colorful vibe that will give you a lively mood.

Harajuku style is a mix of well known Japanese substyles such as sweet lolita, lolita clothing, kawaii, visual kei, Cosplay Decora, and punk rock clothing. The trend went way back in the '80s with the youth dressed up on the streets with unique and colorful traditional garments like kimonos and wooden sandals. With its movement against strict societal pressure to fit in, the style became more popular and trendy, thus the name Harajuku fashion.

Our selection of skirts come in quality designs that you would confidently rock if you are looking for a rebellious Harajuku look. As we introduce you to our affordable pieces of beautiful skirts, you won't think twice about wearing them.

Factors to consider when shopping at our online store

Shopping online can be tricky sometimes. With beautiful outfits on the release and the temptations that come with shopping, you have to be prepared to make a choice that will be worth your while. Here are some factors you could consider while making your purchase at our online store.

Types of Harajuku skirts to shop for online

Our wide range of skirts can match with many outfits. Try out checkered plaid skirts for a chic outlook that will leave you all pretty. Plaid skirts are now a major trend in fashion, so be sure to get one of these authentic 90's attire for your wardrobe collection. You can rock this attire during the winter with a cozy scarf and finish the skirt look with a gothic lolita fashion handbag as you take on a chilly day in style.

Fancy a feminine silhouette look? Step out in a trendy midi skirt, with its length just above the knee. You can wear the skirt to dinner or even to the club depending on the look you are going for. Wear it with an alternative women's top for a slick outfit that you can head out to brunch with or rock to school. You can consider alternative high heels for women to finish off your look. The heels give you a taller appearance and sway as you walk, and add a touch of charm to your outfit.

What's more comfortable than rocking a pleated skirt? Pleated skirts cinch your waist due to their long hemline, thus making them ideal for all body types. Whether you are a plus size or regular bodied, you can always revamp your wardrobe with a mini pleated skirt that doesn't go out of style. Rock the outfit to a movie date with your favorite person and complete the look with black alternative women's boots and bring along your Harajuku kimono jacket in case it gets chilly. You are definitely bound to leave your date speechless with this look.

Going to a party anytime soon? Add to your cart a black mini punk rock skirt that will give you that dark aesthetic vibe. You can never go wrong with a black outfit since black is a versatile color and you can wear it on many occasions than you can count.

Harajuku fashion skirts can be complemented with unique alternative coats for women to complete the attire. Being a close ally of Kawaii, you can pair it with kawaii clothes to add some beautiful pastel colors for a perfect ensemble fit for the red carpet.

Shopping according to the length of the skirt

Our fashionable Harajuku skirts come in different sizes that can be worn with anyone interested in bringing out an elegant look. If you are into knee-high skirts, we got you covered with a range of mini skirts. Shop for a chiffon suspender skirt that would look good with a graphic print Harajuku t-shirt to bring out an edgier look perfect for casual Sunday wear.

If you are a traditionalist type of girl who fancies long skirts, worry not as we have a bunch of cool maxi tiered skirts in place that you can select from. Our online store has something for everyone. You can dress in a long fishtail or balloon skirt to a picnic as you enjoy mother nature at its best feeling comfortable in your skirt.

At RebelsMarket, we have a wide selection of cute Harajuku skirts that will be a needed addition to your wardrobe. Up your wardrobe game a notch higher with our gorgeous collection ranging from the hologram to butterfly print skirts. Shop with us for a great experience. Get 10% OFF your first purchase. Worldwide shipping available!