Men's Urban Fashion/Streetwear Joggers

Experience the new and exciting trend in activewear that seems to be taking center stage in street fashion, with streetwear joggers as the go-to garb. More alternative fans are noticing how urban jogger pants are comfortable and can double down as casual wear or a work outfit when styled right. It is in this trend that streetwear style is becoming alive, with more reasons for choosing easy-going outfits and loosened-up vibes. Get your high-quality pants from RebelsMarket today and upgrade your closet.

With a style born on the streets, dominating the alleys and subways, the urban culture is evolving to become a fashion choice beyond the city. The origins of streetwear date back to the late 1970s, when urban brands borrowed heavily from the DIY aesthetic of new wave, punk culture, and heavy metal. It appears that the style is here to stay and is taking over haute couture, hip-hop fashion, and modern high fashion. If urban joggers are dominating the alternative scene, then you need to stock a few pieces to be on-trend.

So what is the purpose of streetwear joggers that make them such a versatile piece coveted by many? They were traditionally intended for exercise, but like so many other pieces that have joined the athleisure trend, they are now worn for several occasions. Fitting street joggers complemented with a two-tone urban polo shirt can make a cool semi-casual look with a touch of class. On the other hand, a cool pair styled with the right urban tee for men can be a casual go-to staple. It all depends on how it is dressed. 

Street-style joggers are originally sports pants that are comfortable, lightweight, and have an athletic appearance. They are wide at the top and fitting around the ankles and are either drawstring joggers or come with an elastic waist. They began as a form of sweatpants and are now distinguished from sweatpants by the weight of the material. Men’s urban sweatpants are designed to be thicker and warmer, ideal for cold climates, while joggers are made of a lightweight fabric to allow comfort.

How should streetwear joggers fit?

How men’s urban joggers should fit primarily depends on the activities you are wearing them for and the event you are planning to attend. A general rule of thumb, the more tapered and tailored the legs are, the less casual the pants. Conversely, legs that appear less tailored are more suitable for casual looks and chilling indoors.

A good pair of streetwear joggers should be narrow at the ankle and end above than over the shoes. Fitting pieces will leave room for some skin or socks to show. For a pair to be styled with men's street coats, it should clearly display your silhouette and leave an allowance, but not too slim-fit. The pants are a perfect outfit for an effortless casual look.

Another thing to note is that the waistband of urban-style joggers should sit around the hip area. We have more high-waist pieces today, so if you purchase high-waists, they should sit at your natural waist. If you are styling an athleisure look, the crotch of the urban athletic pants can be dropped. 

What are the different types of men’s streetwear joggers?

Designers have come up with different style options due to their popularity. Find various designs to choose from to rock your preferred look.

Street-style joggers are the preferred options for a day-to-day look. These versatile pants are ideal for running errands with an urban hoodie for a doctor’s appointment. Black urban joggers can still be stylish for a traveling look or a casual brunch with your friends, complemented with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of street-style men’s boots.

Casual urban sporty pants are classic pieces that still have the original style in them. While the originals were baggy pants made of thicker material, today’s pieces are more lightweight, flattering the figure, and still giving room for movement and workouts. Sporty pants are ideal for sports because they contain technical fabrics that are odor-fighting and breathable, giving you a comfortable fit. Once you have tank tops, and a pair of men’s alternative casual shoes styled with urban camo joggers, your sporty look is ready to go.

If you are looking for a comfortable pair to hang out in while watching a game during the weekend, lounge joggers will work out for you. The pants have a more relaxed feel, with more focus on comfort than performance. Go for printed lace-up pants with an elastic waist if you are looking for details. You can also shop for zipper streetwear joggers and find a multi-zipper piece with black webbing or a single zipper with drawstrings. If you are going for something more out-of-the-box, you can choose from our range of harem pants with cool drapes to be styled with men’s streetwear accessories like a graphic baseball cap or a beanie.

An alternative you can wear when styling a semi-casual look is smart joggers. They are modified with a little bit of tailoring, an added style, and a material change. Styles like urban cargo joggers are tapered around the legs, allowing you to create a flattering silhouette to show off your legs. A classic pair of pockets urban joggers can be styled with a button-down shirt and layered with fitting urban jackets men's to give it an official look. If you are going for daring designs, we have faux leather street pants you can complement with a leather detailed t-shirt and accessorize with street-inspired jewelry.

So whatever the pattern or fashion preference, streetwear joggers will remain a staple that can be rocked on several occasions without losing touch with your style. Grab your sweatpants and joggers today and feel comfortable when you pull off an urban look. Your everyday outfit or event look doesn’t have to be basic, incorporate a pair of joggers, and you will be seen as chill and stylish. Enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase when you shop at RebelsMarket, and remember, there are many ways to look at style, so be a trendsetter. We ship worldwide.  


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