Urban Swimwear

The beach, the swimming pool, and the hot tub are some of the best ways to relax. RebelsMarket has made it easier than ever to look stylish while relaxing with urban swimwear with swimsuits, bikini sets, and bathing costumes. Enjoy only the cutest and most comfortable streetwear bathing suits for your spring and summer collection. The time is now to get a killer bikini or swimsuit that is affordable and unique, so start shopping. 

Summer needs you to have a good wardrobe with items that will let you enjoy your time in the sun. Enjoy our sexy swimwear that has a range of options for you to choose from. This selection has been inspired by different genres, with the most vibrant being streetwear fashion, given its fashionable designs. Rock these street-style swimsuits that come in various prints and cuts to suit your needs, from how well they allow for swimming to how much sun exposure you get. 

As you prepare to kick into summer, you will be tempted by various beachwear, and you may be wondering whether the items you buy may survive the trend cycle of the season. Our alternative swimwear collection more than matches the popular trends of the season. It goes ahead to last beyond the cycle, given the high-quality nature and impressive designs that include epic graphics on them. Embrace your body and show it off when going for a swim at the beach. Go ahead and get yourself a few pairs of streetwear swimwear at low prices on RebelsMarket with the following pointers on how to shop for the perfect bikini pieces.

Tips on choosing urban swimwear

Even though you don't get to show off your bikini or swimsuit often, being on top of your swimwear game is essential. Choosing the right swimsuit or bikini to complement your alternative wardrobe can be a serious confidence booster! One aspect that you must look at is the fit of the bathing suit. You should always pick a comfortable fit, with the bottom fitting like a second skin while the top holding you firm, but you shouldn't feel uncomfortable. This selection has various sizes available, including urban plus-size swimwear with alternative women's sandals. So get your piece today!

Another aspect that you should consider is the purpose of getting a bathing suit in the first place. For instance, if you are looking to get a tan, an urban bikini is the way to go. What makes it well suited is the fact it offers a lot of skin exposure to the sun. For those interested in minimizing tan lines, check out out our two-piece sets that have strings for straps, ensuring that you get tans along the sides of your thighs and chest. However, if you aren't interested in getting a tan but still want to expose your skin, we have edgy bikini sets in captivating designs. Several options of sets are showcased in the selection, with a number of them featuring graphics such as the American flag and dark symbols, including skeletons, to give you a sexy look. Ensure that you apply sunscreen to shield yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Rock your printed bikini with streetwear sunglasses to look your absolute best.

If you are looking for a piece that is geared towards flexibility when in the pool, then getting an urban one-piece swimsuit is the most suitable option for you. The way it covers the body and holds it firm, as well as being elastic, allows it to be the best option when taking a dip in the pool. The collection features several one-piece sets, with there being a range of designs. Long sleeve one-piece swimsuits cover the length of the arm and are a comfortable piece to have. We also have pieces with straps that run across the shoulder or across the neck to ensure that your bust area is held firmly. Rock these trendy one-piece bathing suits that would look fantastic when worn with our collection items. 

Our urban diva swimwear is made to complement the looks of rebels at heart that want to wear items that express their individuality. For instance, if you are into dark fashion, you should try our sexy bandage bikini that would be incredible when worn with appropriate footwear like flip flops. You could also opt for badass mesh one-piece swimwear. Some of our items also feature ultra-cool skull fashion designs that will transform you into the ultimate queen of the beach. 

Shopping for alternative prints such as tribal and polka dot patterns for your swimsuits is a great way to stand out from the crowd and be funky. Go for a ruffled bikini that comes in two pieces as part of an alternative swimwear ensemble, and pair with edgy accessories like skull jewelry or even some temporary tattoos to look like a proper rebel. You could also opt for a plain black swimsuit  which you can explore more options of in our gothic swimsuits collection that looks fantastic no matter what others may think. There are also tops with a boho vibe you can use for layering before you get to the beach or the pool.

The critical thing to remember is that confidence and understanding your needs are paramount. You can never go wrong when you shop for interesting cuts or alternative prints. You're sure to find something that fits with your alternative style. If you are having a challenge in getting to know what size to pick, make a point of checking out the size chart on the product to ensure that they match your desired fit. 

At RebelsMarket, we cater to your alternative taste with a wide variety of swimwear options to go for. Our range of streetwear fits all sizes, from regular to plus-size, with excellent pieces that will give you a comfortable and effortless look. Browse through our collection today and find the perfect urban swimwear for you to rock. Shop at RebelsMarket today and get 10% OFF your first purchase as well as worldwide shipping.