Women’s Vintage Coats

Shop at RebelsMarket and experience our beautiful set of distinct vintage coats for a unique wardrobe statement. Coming up with outfits that can't be easily duplicated like women's vintage clothing is not an easy task. At RebelsMarket, we offer various vintage coats ranging from old-style trench coats to checkered coats that come in different sizes and designs that will make you want to come back and shop for more.

Looking back at the comedy show that still manages to crack us up like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, we see how the movie embraces all things vintage. Will Smith as the main character, impressed his viewers with the eye-catching vintage outfits that he wore in the series. Influenced by this show, most of his fans got inspired to develop a liking for vintage fashion outfits to wear to different occasions and events.

Our British retro coat can be worn with a midi brown vintage-inspired skirt and a nice-fitting top to bring out that girly vibe that will leave you looking stylish. We ensure our customers' snazzy styling tips will have their fashion sense sorted out for ages.

At RebelsMarket, we not only offer you cutting edge fashion, but we also give you a glimpse as to how you can rock these old-style jackets. If you are going for a chic look, you can wear a plus-sized vintage coat with a vintage skater dress and women's alternative boots for an office look. 

In the cold seasons, layer your ladies long winter coats with a vintage sweater from our collection to shield you from the cold as you go about your day. This look is perfect for a casual or official setting since it's a trend-worthy style for your wardrobe.

Pairing a vintage-inspired tank top with jeans and a trench coat is an effortless way to pull a well-curated admirable look without trying too hard. If you are into darker colors, you can also try out our gothic clothing for women to give you a conspicuous dark and mysterious vibe in your outfit.  

Spice up your floral coat with neutral-colored outfits to give you a taste of the feminine aesthetics of vintage Parisian outfits. RebelsMarket offers a fantastic catalog of vintage-style jackets that will leave you stunning whether you are in an office setting or dinner date with your girlfriends. We got you sorted with our coats that are quite affordable.

Types of vintage fashion coats to consider while shopping online

If you are looking for winter outerwear, consider buying a long coat that will swish around your legs as you walk and at the same time keep you warm. We offer different types of coats like plaid coats that have an innate ability to make most of the outfits look good. If you are interested in details and specific about what you want to shop for, you are in the right place. Our coats are ideal for spring and winter seasons. 

Zip-up coats can be effortlessly dressed up since you don't need to put in much effort while wearing them. You can wear the coat regardless of the weather changes. If it's freezing, you can zip it up, while at the same time, if it's warm, you can unzip it to a certain length and go-ahead to add a stylish vintage necklace. Pair the coat with high heels for a date night.

Vintage dress coats are one of the most comfortable and hottest outerwear bound to turn heads as you head out to an event. Style the coat with a grunge outfits for a classy look. You can also invest in puff parka coats to keep you warm since they are decorated with hooded fur to keep you warm enough hence best for traveling, bar hopping, and even outdoor adventuring.

Coats with pockets are unique since they ensure that you won't lose small items that can fit inside them. If it's freezing outside, you can always put your hands in the pocket and cover your head to stay warm. Complete the look with a scarf. 

Vintage coats are lifesaver outfits you can add to your cart because they are adorable and can be paired with many outfits. Our long cape coats can match with a sweater and knee-high boots to keep you warm during the winter and give you a unique look in a crowd.

Military coats have not been forgotten in the fashion industry. With their beautiful aesthetics attached to the coat, you can miss out on owning one of these perfect pieces for your closet. You can wear the coat with Victorian women's clothing to give you the old era type of vibe.

As the conversation around the fashion industry keeps changing from time to time, you don't have to worry anymore about how to style our vintage outerwear. Shopping should be fun all the time, and with our customers looking for new, edgy, and trendy styles, RebelsMarket is determined to bring you fresh looks to keep your wardrobe updated.  

Are you looking for elegant topcoats to build on your look during the winter or spring season? Visit our online store for a variety of vintage coats and winter jackets that will keep you warm and stylish. Our collection comes in different sizes and designs that will blend in with your personality according to how you want them styled. Enjoy 10% OFF your first order. Worldwide shipping available.

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