Burlesque Costume

Burlesque costumes are effortlessly sensual. They captivate us by leaving something to the imagination. With seductive shimmers, outrageous outfits, classy choreography, and lots of glitters, these outfits always steal the show. The secret to sensuality is being subtle. With our collection of bold and beautiful Halloween outfits, you’re sure to be the star of the stage, the jewel of the boudoir, and the feature of your next party. So take your time to select exciting Halloween costumes to try out for an enticing twist to your alternative wardrobe. Because if you are a star, then stars shine in every possible way. 

Let’s explore the origins and history of the performance art that we know as burlesque. It began in the 17th century, where the bold new art form poked fun at the overt modesty of the Victorian era. By the 1800s, it took over both Paris and New York, the Moulin Rouge and ‘Can-Can’ were born. Today, the alternative art has been reincarnated to neo-burlesque, led by icons such as Dita Von Teese, Perle Noire, and Immodesty Blaize. The style has evolved, featuring in cosplay costumes and on the runways. One thing has never changed; the style has always been a celebration of women’s courage and natural beauty. Anyone looking to rule the stage or be a party queen this Halloween can try out burlesque outfits. 

Burlesque costumes is in a league entirely on its own. It has unique elements that can be incorporated into various aspects of Halloween, whether pulling together that perfect outfit for a costume party or styling a dance parade costume look! Conveniently enough, we have loads of stunning burlesque costumes for women and girls in our store in the sexiest designs ever to grace Halloween. Get comfy and shop with us today. Get to see what makes this art form so special and upgrade your wardrobe with worthy costume ideas that you can wear all year round.

The corset

One of the essential staples is the burlesque corset. As the style first took center stage in the Victorian age, it only makes sense that the corset, the biggest fashion element at that time, would have a huge part in shaping the aesthetic of the art form. Corsets play a huge role as a style staple for Halloween, being incorporated into elegant cosplay outfits that require a vibrant twist. You can also shop unique plus size corset dress from us.

Say hello to our gorgeous collection of bustiers and corsets, featuring a variety of vintage costumes for Halloween, from lace, leather to jacquard materials! All of the sexiest elements of the style are represented here, and it is just oozing with femininity. From pieces made of authentic leather with lace-ups to ones in black satin bodice and bow embellishments, this collection is an absolute dream for a bold Halloween look. Shop for a costume with feathers as a perfect starter to your corset collection.

One-piece set

We have the burlesque set which is an absolute obsession. The one-piece combines the magic of the corset with corresponding pieces that can come in different shapes and sizes, leaving room for your personality and style to shine. We have highlighted a couple of our favorite disco costumes for you to drool over and be inspired by! Check out our elite dancer outfit, a ruffled-inspired corset and skirt set! This is a staple to the Victorian era, and the tiered high-low design of the skirt is incredibly flirty and tantalizing. Shop for the black lace one-piece in our classy stage performance costume with lace-up detail at the front and loose shoulder straps.

Dress set

We also feature burlesque dress costumes if you are looking for a complete piece. We have suitable styles for both women and girls, like tutu outfits. Find retro designs in the flapper costume section, in adorable dresses with triple-layered, ruffle lace trim over the hems. If you are looking for something of a more Wild West look, we have the saloon girl bartender outfit to try out; it is a complete dress made of ruffles and satin materials. You can style it with a classic hat and boots for a complete cowgirl look. Step into the Mexican side of the performance with the Spanish dancer ensemble we have. We feature elegant pin-up and rockabilly outfits that ladies can wear and girls can show off at the party. Most of the dresses come in red and black, so get ready to look chic this Halloween season!


Last but not least, we can't emphasize enough the importance of burlesque accessories in creating true fashion magic. These are pieces you get when it comes to spicing up your ensemble. We have mini hats, one of our staples which have the ability to instantly turn any outfit into more playful, flirty, and sexy! What is sexier than a pair of thigh-high stockings? They are arguably one of the sexiest elements to add to the Halloween ensemble, and it is fun to play with while building your wardrobe. 

Burlesque is all about fun, individuality, and self-empowerment, so enjoy every part of making this fantasy a reality and own it! You are a goddess, and your attire should reflect all of these beautiful parts of you. Head over to our collection and see what we have in store for you. Explore our sexy and elegant selection of pieces you can wear for a stage performance, themed party, or Halloween. Get 10% OFF when you shop today, as well as worldwide shipping!


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