Day of the Dead Costumes

Honor those in the afterlife with Day of the Dead costumes from RebelsMarket before they reach out to you from the afterlife. Pay tribute to those who walked before us or with us during Dia de Los Muertos in the best way possible with attires from our Halloween costumes. Those who lost their lives deserve to be celebrated in style, and the attire in this collection does it the best way possible with vivid skull imagery and a signature infusion of color. Recreate some of the most vicious characters that have caused nightmares for many and fun for the twisted heart. Check out our unique Halloween costumes and have a feel of the endless possibilities that await you this season.

Whether it is for Halloween or the Dia de Los Muertos itself, death is embraced all the same. The name shows this occasion to be a mourning day, but it is celebrated and enjoyed. If you visit Mexico on the Day of the Dead, it would be wise to know everything about this Day and not assume much as the name has reflected it. While All Hallows Eve is a time to spread nightmare fuel wherever you go, this special Day is all about celebrating and remembering those who have passed away. Take a break from spreading spine-chilling stories and honor those in the afterlife with our Day of the Dead Halloween costumes. 

Losing your life is often viewed with a lot of fear, superstition, and being damned. How death is represented often depends on the culture that you live in. In some cultures, it is considered offensive to celebrate and touch with those in the afterlife actively. Some may view it as disturbing those who need to rest in peace; however, this isn't the case with every culture. In Latin America, people go to cemeteries to be with the souls of the departed and build private altars containing their favorite foods and beverages, as well as photos and memorabilia of the departed. How the departed are depicted is through skeletons adorned in color to make them as distinctive as possible. Check out our Dia de Los Muertos costumes that allow you to have a deeper connection with the souls of the departed uniquely. 

Whether you are into tradition or want to rock Halloween, the attire in this collection is fit for several purposes. However, for the Latin ritual, the aim is not to scare others around you; instead, the local people prefer to dress in the traditional Mexican attire or similar to the deceased soul they are remembering. So, you don't have to do anything extraordinary (if you don't want to) when it comes to your Dia de Los Muertos costume. It would be best to keep in mind that makeup is given a higher priority on this occasion. At this point, skull makeups, dressing up like the undead, or maybe a Halloween touch add-up come in handy. Wearing masks and spooky adornments is also necessary to look like part of the culture. 

If you don't know how to dress up on this special occasion in the Mexican tradition, here are some Day of the Dead costume ideas. Keep in mind that you don't have to dress up if you don't want to. But if you are willing to have fun, then make sure to use vibrant color dresses. Skull-shaped and devil-shaped masks are pretty standard, and they are worn out of respect to the deceased. We have an intriguing selection of horror masks that are sure to have options that suit you. 

Mexican Day of the Dead costume

Traditions are what give us a sense of identity and, at times, a sense of purpose. Get to embody heritage that has stood the test of time with traditional Mexican Day of the Dead costumes. The distinctive nature of the attires in this ensemble is intended to show solidarity with the departed. What's more, is the attires in this collection go well on both October 31st and November 2nd. Dress in these spooky skull getups that have intricate detail to them. If you are interested in going full-blown horrific, our skeleton costumes have what you need to keep the fear at bay as you look like the undead. 

Men's Day of the Dead costume

The men's Day of the Dead costume involves formal attire, which is a three-piece suit. However, this attire can have skulls or devil prints, especially for the Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. Similarly, the face is also painted in a way that depicts a skull. A stylish hat with bony gloves fitting the suit would make you ready to attend your celebrations. Go deeper down the rabbit hole by checking out men's Halloween outfits that have a wide range of sizes and designs that will suit you as you attend festivals and parties. 

Women's Day of the Dead costume

La Novia Muerta dress and Senorita Muerta outfit are the most worn Day of the Dead costumes. Usually, the skull makeup with flowers is done to complement the look for the occasion. Some women might dress in skull clothes on this Day. You can keep the mix of eerie and beautiful going by checking out other pieces in our women's Halloween outfits collection. 

There are deep meanings associated with the skulls in today's society and the past. One could say that they captivate and repulse in equal measure. It is often seen when someone has passed away, but it is usually associated with death and mortality, but it has evolved over the years to have different meanings. One of the most famous depictions during Dia de Los Muertos is the Calavera, also referred to as sugar skulls. The term sugar skulls are often used to refer to decorative or edible skulls used for celebrations. Enjoy the heritage that is enshrined in our collection this November.  

Get in touch with the souls of the departed in impeccable style today with Day of the Dead costumes. We offer a range of sizes and designs that allow you to get the option that suits you. You can also get a chance to let your group or family get in on the scary fun. This catalog allows you to create deathly images of yourself, given its focus on the undead. Our Halloween collection also allows you to go deeper into some of the freakiest and most disturbing creatures, such as those featured in our monster's costumes. Browse through this catalog and get attire that will set you apart and frighten others. 

Browse our diverse collection of Day of the Dead costumes and find an ensemble that represents your inner demon. We have outfits that would look great for your Dia de Los Muertos party or cosplay event. Enjoy a stand-out experience while shopping at RebelsMarket today. Our range of attires comes at affordable prices that will save you a bundle. Get 10% OFF your first buy. We ship worldwide.


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