Alternative Gas Masks

Looking for affordable gas masks to style an alternative look? Wondering where to get cool masks in this era where they are a mandatory staple? Shop at RebelsMarket for an exclusive collection to accessorize a basic look bringing out a dark aesthetic to the mix. Take your look to the next level with masks for alternative fashion that not only elevate your look but also gives you a badass cosplay vibe.

Given the never-ending environmental pollution and climate change, it isn’t hard to get why gas masks play an important role in post-apocalyptic fashion. Whether they are Soviet masks designed for military purposes or the runway, gas masks are a common alternative accessory in the post-apocalyptic world. It makes perfect sense that they are common in steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, and vintage fashion.

Steampunk style is among the most powerful alternative genres to grace the fashion world today. It has brought high-end fashion designers like Diddo and Irene Luft to showcase designer full-face gas masks styled with romantic contemporary fashion alongside known brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This makes them a versatile accessory as a protective tool at war and a statement accessory on the red carpet.

Gas masks are also seen on big screens, in movies like Resident Evil and Star Wars, from Darth Vader to Storm Troopers. Apart from movies, you can also spot them in military video games such as Call of Duty to post-apocalyptic games like Fallout. It’s almost as if you can find gas masks everywhere, even in songs like Far Away Coast by the Dropkick Murphys! This calls to show how a popular accessory they are.

How effective are gas masks?

You get to see gas masks everywhere, but have you ever wondered why? Are they that effective that they can be used on any occasion? The answer is yes; here’s why.

Whether you are wearing a gas mask to complement your festival costume or during a pandemic, they have proven effective, be it offering style or protection. They are seen as accessories in movie and fashion and as a protection kit, such as a mask and goggles, for officials and civilians in an enemy attack, noted from past history. 

Depending on how they have been constructed and the type, they can be effective against poisonous gases, pollen, and ordinary dust. The typical gas mask has a tight-fitting facepiece, whether half or full-face, with transparent eyepieces, filters, and an exhalation valve. The filters are meant to do away with contaminants in the air as a result of inhaling. They are also held onto the face with straps.

As much as they are effective, they also have a downside. Gas masks are not available in the correct size for children, can not be used by someone wearing glasses, and may not always fit properly people with facial hair.

Stylish gas masks that grace the alternative world

There are a variety of masks available at RebelsMarket that are fit for a fashionable look. There are a number of ways to look stylish and trendy in a mask, whether it is a simple everyday look or a cosplay mask outfit.

If you are looking to achieve a steampunk look with one of our pieces, you can shop for a steampunk gas mask. We have various styles like the plague doctor mask, a popular type of mask worn by doctors during plagues in the 17th Century in Europe. Simply accessorize the piece with a steampunk dress for a lady, or pair it with trousers, a vest, and a shirt for men.

Looking to style a vintage ensemble? Shop for a vintage dark forest piece or a Drager mask. It would be a great accessory with a washed men’s urban jeans, a simple tee, and a black leather jacket look. 

We also have scary Halloween gas masks fit for a horror look. You can style a simple everyday gothic look, such as gothic leggings paired with a women’s graphic tee, or go bold with a scary ghost or zombie costume. Your outfit will be perfect with our collection of horror pieces.

For a gothic look, we have a variety of half-face skull gas masks you can go for. You can find pieces with chains, spikes, and studs, a suitable accessory when styled with gothic pants for men, and a buttoned shirt.

Shop today at RebelsMarket for cheap gas masks for sale that will effortlessly turn a simple look edgy. Whether you are going for a plastic mask or leather, you can find a suitable piece for men or women in our collection that can give you a polished look. Get 10% OFF your first purchase today. Worldwide shipping available!


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