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Halloween Dresses

We’ve had our summer evenings; now, for October, we get to become anything we want to be while unlocking our wicked Halloween dresses. Shop with us at RebelsMarket for the perfect nerve-racking, jaw-breaking outfits. Whether your style is punk, vampire goth, nu goth, or something else, our spooky dress collection will not disappoint you!

Halloween is already here, and RebelsMarket is the plug you need for that scary and spooky Halloween costume. Browse through our Halloween collection and get yourself a wicked look fit for this occasion. No pressure if you don't have the right outfit because RebelsMarket has you covered on all your Halloween dress needs.

When choosing a freaky Halloween dress, you need to find a gorgeous and witty look that will not only leave everyone terrified but will show off your silly and fun look. You can get vampire costumes as well as police costumes to kickstart your Halloween mood. Read on for more inspirations on choosing the perfect eerie dress that will bring out the Halloween spirit to life.

What to consider when shopping for Halloween dresses online

The aesthetics of the dresses

Halloween dresses are made from some of the best fabrics; cotton, flax, lace, wool, and silk. What separates these dresses from ordinary dresses is the aesthetics that make up the dress. The decorations and patterns of the clothing bring the creepy Halloween theme to life. 

When shopping for Halloween dresses, shop for ones decorated with skulls, bats, owls, skeletons, cats, and spiders. Cats are a symbol for superstitious people who thought that witches could transform themselves into cats. Shop for a dress with a cat aesthetic to bring that scary feel of Halloween. 

Spider decorations are a great aesthetic for Halloween dresses because people are scared of spiders. What better way to activate the Halloween spirit than to buy a scary spider dress outfit? Even better, you can shop for dresses with darker and more dangerous aesthetics like vampires, skulls, zombies, mummies, witches, or zombies to create that perfect wicked women's look.

A witchy look with crisp wings, a creepy killer joker, or even a Frankenstein theme would also make for a good Halloween aesthetic for your dress. 

Body type

Everyone is channeling their inner designer and coming up with the perfect outfit that would leave everyone utterly creeped out. However, before getting that perfect spooky dress, it's essential that you have your body type in mind. Knowing your body will help you shop for the kind of dress that will accentuate your body.

A Bats and moon skater dress would be an ideal dress to shop for a plus-size body. A black and white skull slim dress would be a good fit for a petite body. 

Best Halloween dresses to shop for online.

Congratulations now that you know what to look for when shopping for freaky Halloween dresses online. I bet you have figured out your body type and the spooky aesthetics that make up a Halloween dress. Pat yourself on the back. You have done a pretty good job. Now, for the last part, here are some dress options you can consider as you shop. 

  • Black dresses

When shopping for a Halloween dress, a black dress is a must-have dress. Think of a black dress, but now with a vampire oozing blood. Freaky right? A black dress is the kind of dress you want for your Halloween. If you wish to turn up as a dangerous doll or a sexy creepy lady, a black dress will do the job. 

You can switch things up and shop for a black and white skeleton or skull Halloween dress. A black and white dress gives the impression of dangerous, creepy, and polite attributes. Shop for a long-sleeved dress with cat and bats on the sleeves to add to the dress's eerie. If you prefer a short-sleeved dress, you can go for more profound aesthetics on your dress like bones, vampires, spiders, and zombies for the perfect scare trick or treat.

A black dress is advantageous for Halloween wear because it is easy for you to go for a black widow theme for Halloween. All you need to add to your dress is a black stocking and some fierce unique women's boots, either ankle or knee-high with straps.

  • Lace dress

Fancy a spooky witch Halloween dress? A Lace dress is the kind of dress you want to shop for then. Lace dresses give you a devilish goddess kind of feel that is perfect for Halloween. If you're going to pull off a sexy witch look this Halloween, add a pair of sinister horn crowns and a gothic black hooded cloak. High-heeled shoes would be a perfect addition to a lace dress. Be silly, fun, and creepy with this look, and drag your feet as your heels make a dreadful noise and scare those around you to awaken their Halloween spirit. 

  • Bodycon

A bodycon is a dress that hugs your body. A creepy killer joker horror bodycon dress with a black spider web embroidery or skeleton hands will be a killer look for a Halloween outfit. Shop for a bodycon Halloween dress for that dangerous and wicked look. Couple it with wicked Halloween accessories and leave everyone thinking you are the grim reaper with your outfit. 

The one who plans early can brag about having the right Halloween dress. Start shopping for yours today and avoid the last-minute Halloween craze. RebelsMarket offers you a wide range of dresses to choose from to make your Halloween experience the most memorable one. The best part is, you get 10% OFF on your first order. Treat yourself to our creepy wicked, and spooky dresses today.