Knight Costumes

“Fear not fair maidens! It is I, your brave knight, here to slay the dragon and save you from the evil bandits!” Be the hero in this medieval fairytale by wearing a valiant and accessorized knight costume. You'll be the brave warrior at the party when you adorn one of our charming cosplay costumes on Halloween night. With choices ranging from full armor to renaissance costumes and gear, you'll find what you need to be the most valiant lord of the round table. So buy the ensemble from our online store today!

Knights are defined as mounted soldiers in armor who serve the king and queen. In short, the lives of royalty are in their hands, a very promising job indeed!. Would you like to have a feel of what it's like to be a warrior in the real world? Dress up as a knight bound by the sword this Halloween and swear allegiance to your squad. You will make the best knight in the entire monarchy's army when you get all decked out in one of our supreme medieval outfits. If you want to enjoy Halloween as an adult, brush up on your chivalry and let us get you armored up with our variety of Halloween costumes because you have a mission to accomplish. 

An armor ensemble, a grasp of your sword,  and a cosplay invitation are all you need to be the warrior to your king (obviously the fictitious one). Head to the party as a powerful noble with our unique Halloween costume, and you'll have everyone looking to join your troop before the night is over. Team up with your other warrior friends this Halloween, and you can storm the party as an entire military of the king and queen's order. Nothing is more fun than hitting the dance floor with your pals while all armored up in silver and iron!

With our range of chevalier costumes for kids and adults, pretty much anyone can dress up in shining armor. That doesn't mean only men and boys can be great warriors; we also have some outfits for women and girls. Our Halloween outfits for women feature pieces like Catwoman from Batman: The Dark Knight and other medieval armor that would be fit for a female warrior. Whether you are shopping for a replica of the Game of Thrones warrior ensemble, a Fortnite outfit from the classic video game, or going for the Dark Knight, we have a range of outfits to make a grand entrance at the party. So let us dive into the range of cosplay ensembles available for you.

Dark knights:

They exist in the fictitious world and often fight with the protagonists to challenge them and make them even more special. The villains often reveal the potential of the good warrior. You can get inspiration from movies like Batman: The Dark Knight, where characters like Bane and the Joker play the villains and have spooky cosplay outfits on, which would make ideal horror movie costumes. So, if you like supervillain characters, this is your chance to play the bad guy.

Warrior Larp Templar:

In the early Middle Ages, nobles were seen as thugs, overrunning the countryside and looting villages to line their own pockets. The Knights Templar created a different model in which members were monks, sworn to poverty, chastity, and obedience, and committed to fighting infidels in the Holy Land, like bandits and crusader knights. They brought out a new model of holy warriors, were strict on discipline, critical thinkers, refused to surrender easily, and were zealous fighters. The Larp Templar is one of the warrior outfits you can easily access at RebelsMarket’s collection. Check out our men’s Halloween collection and get yourself the holy warrior ensemble for your party dress-up.

Arkham knight:

For fans of video games, Arkham Knight would need no introduction. He poses a large threat in the Batman trilogy, and his forces are responsible for many of the game's most wanted side missions. Get the gothic outfit from our villain costumes section and enjoy being the antagonist for a night. With mind-blowing skills, great power, and epic resilience, Arkham Knight will get most of the attention at the party and will definitely be a force to reckon with.

But don’t forget, he is the exact opposite of Batman. 

Lion Guard knight costume – won by bravery and valor:

One of the elite ranks in knights given to the only soldiers who have proven worthy of it is the Lion Guard knight costume. It is an extremely hard position to earn, and if you think you are fit for the mission, only then can you be a lion guard. Halloween parties would be a great fit for such a costume. But don’t forget to prove that you deserve it. If you are looking for a worthy outfit to dress your boy in, you can check out our collection of boys’ costumes for the lion guard to match with your little one.

Warriors have to engage in battle, and that means hefty armor or chainmail is needed, so to create a convincing costume, you're going to need a chain mail, steel plate, with a sword and shield! We've got a variety of warrior accessories you may need to make your outfit a success. Be sure to partner up with some of our accessories and props for all the protection you need. Also, don't forget that knights have been known to defend the kingdom against dragons, so you can also pair up with one of our dragon costumes

Do you dream of castles and kings, wish to protect the kingdom someday should enemies attack, or secretly wish to become the next ruler of the throne? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you know that you were born to be a warrior. This Halloween, prove that chivalry isn't dead by donning one of our knight costumes. Armored and ready to battle, you will earn the right to serve your king or queen! No matter the occasion, you'll be a warrior in shining armor, ready to save the day! Check out the ensembles available at RebelsMarket. Find your favorite one to rock at the costume party. Get 10% OFF on your first purchase, as well as worldwide shipping!

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