Pirate Costumes & Outfits

 The pirate costume is a classic choice for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own twist on a pirate fashion to help you and your style stand out at Halloween parties, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating. Halloween pirate costumes are super easy to DIY, making it simple to create a unique Halloween costume that you love.

RebelsMarket makes it even easier! We have pirate clothing to put together a pirate-themed outfit of your dreams, from the hat or bandana on your head to the boots on your feet! Here are some tips when shopping for pirate costumes.

Factors to consider when buying pirate costumes online

Types of pirate outfits to shop for

A billowy shirt is essential for pretty much all pirate costumes. A fancy vest and a red stylish jackets for men combination take your pirate look from deckhand to captain and keep you warm on chilly October nights! You can also pair a detailed red coat with cool shirts for men, black medieval-inspired pants, and cool men's boots to bring out the vibe. Breeches are essential for men’s pirate costumes, but women can wear them too!

However, for women pirate fashion, you might want to swap out breeches for frilled skirts or alternative dresses paired with pirate vests, especially if you’re going for a more femme look. And don’t forget a vintage corset! On top of showing off your gorgeous figure, corsets are a perfect finishing touch to lend your pirate costume an authentic historical feel.

Want something edgier? Pirates were a superstitious bunch, so add some occult touches for some dark but historically accurate edginess. You can also inject some fantasy into your pirate costume with steampunk style to help you look like you stepped right out of Treasure Planet.

Accessories to shop for

A hip flask makes for the perfect pirate accessory for both men and women, especially at any BYOB parties you might attend. Men and women should also be sure to wear plenty of gold jewelry, particularly skull rings and skull earrings. Facial piercings are also a great choice if you’re going for a unique gothic look or are channeling a pirate from the oceans around Africa, India, Mesoamerica, or the Middle East. 

No piercing? No problem! You can always use fake jewelry for your pirate style. Put the final touches on your pirate outfit with a leather belt and a hat or bandana.

Pirate outfits to shop for online

Want something a bit more unique than a pre-styled costume, but aren’t sure where to start? Take a look at famous pirates from history and pop culture for inspiration. Women pirate costumes can be based on characters like Pirates of the Caribbean’s Elizabeth Swann, Game of Thrones’ Yara, or Tetra from the Zelda franchise. Inspo can also come from real-life pirates like Madam Cheng, Anne Bonny, or Mary Reed.

Men can look for inspiration from the rest of the Pirates of the Caribbean cast, Captain Hook, or just about any of the pirates from Treasure Island, plus a massive variety of pirates throughout history. Of course, you can also do a gender-bent costume of your favorite pirate regardless of gender. Be sure to add some personal touches to make your costume stand out.

Your children who might be less excited about wearing traditional handmade pirate costumes and clothes will be happy with our cool crossbones printed pirate t-shirts, one-eyed skull backpacks, and many other accessories for a skeleton-themed look. 

Also, don’t underestimate the power of makeup as an affordable way to take a costume from “meh” to jaw-dropping. All you need is some smudgy black eye makeup and enough bronzer to make you look like you’ve spent the last few months at sea. 

With these few guides, you can now get yourself a perfect pirate costume. We offer a variety of costumes for all ages, events, and festivals. Overwhelmed by choice or just not interested in carefully putting together individual items to craft pirate-themed outfits? No problem! RebelsMarket also has complete Halloween pirate clothes for sale, and you will find authentic medieval, renaissance outfits in our collection. Shop today and get 10% Off your first order.



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