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Skull Sweaters & Cardigans

Buy Skull Cardigans and Sweaters For Women at Awesome Prices.

Looking stylish and feeling comfortable can go hand in hand. If you shop our wide selection of skull sweaters for women, you’ll discover the perfect fit.

RebelsMarket have what you need to create awesome skull-inspired outfits, while keeping cozy and warm in the winter months. We believe skull fashion isn’t just for Halloween - it’s a year-round trend that is edgy as well as stylish. If you want to rock skull fashion in the colder months, then a skull sweater or cardigan is a must!

We cater to various different alternative subcultures here at RebelsMarket, and our skull sweaters and cardigans are can be a great addition to your alternative wardrobe. Punk fashion often contains skull patterns and embellishments, while gothic clothing pairs perfectly with skull print fashion to add a little texture and detail.

Skull sweaters for women are a diverse and ‘wearable’ item of clothing because they can be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion. They can also be paired with different styles to create a unique look. Pair a cropped skull cardigan with a 50s dress for a pinup style or dress it down with leather leggings for a trendy look. The possibilities are endless!

We carry a wide variety of cosy outerwear that pairs well with all alternative fashion styles, so if you’re looking to update your wardrobe - buy a skull sweater!

We are confident that we offer the very best in edgy knitwear and skull cardigans and sweaters. This is because we source all our clothing items from a wide selection of alternative fashion designers and retailers across the globe. This means that we are able to bring you the very best skull cardigans and sweaters available to buy online.

And what’s more - we cater to all shapes and sizes. Whether you are petite, regular fit or plus-size, we have skull cardigans that will be the perfect fit. Shop now, and discover the most kickass addition to your alternative wardrobe.


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What to Wear with Skull Sweaters for Women

As the weather changes, you might want to add a new look to your fall and winter wardrobe. Boring, plain sweaters are officially out - and it’s time to make way for more interesting designs. Skull designs are often associated with edgy fashion styles. Gothic and emo clothing often contains skull elements, such as skull-print t-shirts, or simply the addition of cool skull jewelry to add a punk-rock edge to a look.

When styling an outfit with a skull cardigan or sweater, it is important to determine how edgy you want the look to be. If you want a hard gothic look, then pair a cropped skull cardigan with a pair of gothic lace leggings and a graphic printed t-shirt with booties. Add depth to the outfit with jewelry such as skull rings stacked on your fingers or a skull necklace to compliment the look.

For a softer look, you want your skull cardigan (or sweater) to be the focal point of the outfit, with light pastel-colored accents. Some light jeans in pastel blue paired with white sneakers works well and will contrast nicely with the edgy style of the cardigan. Wear the cardigan open with a printed tank top, and add a little pastel goth edge by opting for a kawaii print.

A skull sweater outfit can be as edgy or as chic as you want it to be. For a relaxed, but edgy style - opt for an oversized sweater and a pair of soft leggings. Or, for a more chic style, go for a ribbed skull cardigan that is fitted at the waist, and wear it with a pencil skirt and a pair of high heels.

There are a number of ways to layer with cardigans and sweaters, so have fun experimenting, and remember to shop around online for different accessories that will compliment the skull element of your outerwear.