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Men's Trendy Cardigans & Sweaters

It’s time to invest in men’s trendy sweaters and cardigans that are all the rage right now. They have been popular staples among men’s trendy outfits and a mainstay in many brands’ line-ups, recognized by known designers like Gucci's Alessandro Michele. It is safe to say that cardigans have never felt more relevant, especially when we spend most of our days in loungewear and cozy clothing. As we begin to understand the true value of comfort, RebelsMarket is here to satisfy your needs with fashionable attires that you can style with formal or casual wear. Discover an abundance of style when you shop with us today!

Trend fashion is about the latest designs killing it in the alternative scene. It’s surprising to see a winter garment gain popularity in summer, but sweater cardigans have a way of regaining traction just when it seems to have gone for good. The knitwear acquired its name from the 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell, a lieutenant general in the British army. He was famous for leading the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War and was known for wearing a short, woolen sleeveless waistcoat to keep warm during the failed offensive in the 1800s. After the war, the knitwear became rather popular outside the military, and they began to be widely produced.

On the other end of the alternative spectrum, rock icon Kurt Cobain introduced the modish generation to the cardigan style in the 90s. The rock sensation took an item of clothing usually seen on grandpas and grannies and made it fashionable, styling oversized sweaters with trendy t-shirts and battered jeans. You now have more than one reason you should join the knitted trend and buy some pieces because it is a staple that is not going away anytime soon, it is comfy winter clothing for men, and you shouldn't miss out on it.

Cardigans come in different styles and patterns. You can find them in various stores and malls, but wouldn’t you like to go for unique pieces that will get you noticed wherever you go? We stock designer knitwear made of high-quality materials like cashmere and wool and comes at affordable prices that will be friendly to your wallet. Our online store features the latest designs, from trendy shawl-collar cardigans, distressed pullovers to turtleneck sweaters in a range of fitting. So let us cater to your alternative preferences and match your style with our fashionable collection!

Check out the black hooded cardigan in the collection. It is long-sleeved, comes in asymmetrical patterns, and has straps as belts to add some edge. The staple also has decorative drapes along the collar to replace buttons and a hood to complete the trendy knitwear. The end of the sleeves has cut-outs, so in turn, you have fingerless gloves as part of your ensemble. Shop for a slim-fit design to layer it with men’s streetwear jeans and a dark accent tee. You can incorporate a pair of sturdy men’s alternative boots for an upscale casual look. 

We also have long cardigans you might be interested in. Pick through our knitwear designs with lengths ranging from above the knees to the ankles. For instance, we have an ankle-length that resembles a kimono, is handmade with jersey and viscose materials, and has an open silhouette to style with gothic pants for a dark look. Also, check out the Avant-Garde long sweater made of polyester. It has mesh sleeves with intricate designs and a strap belt at the back. The male sweater can be styled with a printed urban tank top and joggers for a casual summer outfit.

We feature many other designs at RebelsMarket. Find your ideal pick among the assortment. We have buttoned and zip-up cardigans to shop for and style with jeans and trendy caps. You can go for plain cashmere sweaters or minimal prints like geometric patterns, stripes, and two-toned colors. Buy knitwear with designer buckles and buttons, with drawstrings and diagonal zippers to add some extra style. You can style the winter wear with accessories like trendy sunglasses and stylish bags for work or school. Every attire is suited for an alternative fan hoping to pull off a different look from mainstream fashion.

Go for printed knitwear in the collection today! We sure have a hoard of trendy knitwear to style your outfits with. You can choose to go bold with our various prints, from multi-colored checkered patterns to skull zombie game prints. Style a men’s gothic shirt with a fitting pullover sweater in red cloud prints to break the monotony of a dark formal ensemble. We also have trendy Christmas outerwear on offer; the ho ho ho season is not too far away to start shopping. Better yet, these staples can be worn all year round, so if you want to get into the festive mood in spring, it is possible!

RebelsMarket houses an unmatched collection of trendy cardigans and sweaters for your winter or summer clothing. Check out our various designs today, from shawl collars to ripped sweaters, with an assortment of patterns to match your alternative style. Be the king of knits and yarns, and show people how effortless it is to pull off layers. Shop today and enjoy 10% OFF your first order. We also ship worldwide, so wherever you are, you can still stay on-trend. Happy shopping!