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Visual Kei Clothing

When it comes to visual kei fashion, it's fair to say that RebelsMarket has a great selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Visual kei fashion is a subculture that originates from a movement among Japanese musicians that embraces punk rock, glam rock, and heavy metal. Visual kei clothing is generally represented through heavy metal embellishments, dark colors, mixed prints and patterns, leather fabric, distressed details, chains, buckles, studs, and an overall gothic lolita style

Visual kei clothing is synonymous with intense makeup, Kei izo clothing, Kei cosplay costumes, and creative hairstyles. Not to mention sky-high gothic platform shoes and cool boots for men, which are the norm. As you shop for this look, consider the following factors for a better shopping experience.

Factors to consider when shopping for visual kei clothing online

The fabric of the cloth

A comfortable cloth is a good cloth. To be comfortable in a cloth, it needs to have suitable fabric. Here are some materials used for men's and women's visual kei clothing.

Cotton; cotton is a breathable material used to make v-Kei tops, dresses, men's tees, and shorts. Cotton is a durable material that makes for a suitable material with good qualities that enhance the cloth. 

Leather; leather is a versatile material that offers a stunning look, a plus for Kei clothes. Leather comes in various colors and darker shades, making for a suitable fabric for dark visual kei clothes. Leather fabric can create visual kei fashion clothes like latex leather shorts, distressed v-Kei leggings, men's jackets, and shoes. 

Polyester; polyester is made of fabrics that have yarns or fibers. It's a good material that doesn't wear down quickly. Polyester is used to make visual kei hoodies, and this prevents the hoodies from shrinking. The fabric also helps to prevent fading when washed repeatedly. 


A buttonless short-sleeved dress or a mini skirt would be ideal summer wear. They could also be an all year round cloth that will not run out of fashion. 

For a colder season like winter, visual kei outfits like distressed Kei rock pants or a cool hoodie would work well to keep you warm during this season.

For a feminine look on warm seasons, bridal lolita puffy skirts or a tiered gothic punk Kei skirt in lighter colors will keep you warm at the same time chic. 

Trendy clothes to shop for in V-Kei fashion

When shopping for male visual kei clothing online, shop for clothes that accentuate your body. Shop for jeans or goth Kei outfits like shorts and capris, shirts and tees, pants, and stylish men's hoodies and jackets. V-Kei leather boots are an addition to shop for to add to your shoe game.

Our women's visual kei collection is vast! Whether you want visual kei dresses, tops, jeans, stylish leggings, skirts, or shoes, RebelsMarket has this and much more at affordable prices. There's more to see; browse through our website to see our visual kei designs.

Now that you're familiar with visual kei clothing, it's time to explore RebelsMarket great selection of tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories to add to your wardrobe. Visual kei pieces will add an edge to your outfits and be sure to turn heads! Shop now to select the perfect garments for a night out, a co-play event, or your everyday rebel look. Get 10% OFF on your first order.