Cool Bomber Jackets

If you have been keen on recent fashion styles, you've probably noticed a ton of cool bomber jackets slowly emerging as a fall trend that can easily transition into a year-round wardrobe staple. With a calm Japanese influence and a pilot inspired background, bomber jackets are pretty much irresistible no matter what you dress in. 

Infuse that 90s look into your outfit by adding our cool bomber jacket collection into your closet. Our bomber jackets' styles include satin, varsity-style, athletic, metallic, embroidered, and silk, which comes in black, olive, and blush colors. 

The good thing about shopping with RebelsMarket is that we offer bomber jackets to suit any budget without breaking the bank.

Even better, bomber jackets can be worn by both men and women. Awesome right? Everyone gets to add some style to their outfit with these red carpet jackets. As you continue shopping for affordable and high-quality jackets, here are some shopping tips to guide you through.

Factors to consider when shopping for Men and Women's bomber jackets online


Getting the right-fitting jacket can be hard when shopping online. Before purchasing your jacket, get to know your size to get a suitable option to suit your alternative style. Knowing your measurements will help you get a jacket that will fit your upper body and go all the way to your wrist.

Ensure you also get a jacket that will allow you to layer with other outfits. You may want to add a cool hoodie for seasons like winter and then finish off your look with a men's embroidery bomber jacket. If need be, get an extra size or two that will still hug your body.

Materials to consider when choosing your bomber jacket. 

As a buyer, you want to shop for a bomber jacket that you can wear interchangeably for different seasons and occasions. Here are our top four leather jackets to shop for.

Nylon and polyester jackets

These jackets are the very definition of versatile. They are made with great fabric that is perfect for both men and women. A nylon and polyester jacket is advantageous to shop for because other than the fact that they are easy to maintain, they don't wrinkle or stretch when you wash them. Purchase nylon and polyester bomber jackets at RebelsMarket for your summer and spring wear because they are super lightweight.


If you are looking for a taste of two worlds in one cute jackets for women, then a suede jacket is what you need to add to your cart. Suede jackets add a modern and classic style to your coat. Shop for suede jackets in brown, white, or black colors for all-around wear.


When we talk of a timeless style, leather has to be the king or queen of them all. Perfect for women's or men's wear, leather jackets are an excellent option to shop for because they will make you stand out while keeping you warm during winter. Don't limit yourself to the regular everyday black leather jackets; RebelsMarket has a wide range of bright colors you can go for to demystify your look; red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and maroon are perfect go-to colors worth shopping for. Don’t forget to add an edge to style by buying a  gothic bomber jacket made of leather.


Woolen bomber jackets are great for seasons like winter and are also fashionable when it comes to streetwear fashion. If you are looking to buy an elegant jacket, wool is a great option.

Bomber jacket options to shop for online

For casual wear, shop for a floral print or sequin bomber jacket that can be paired with a dress, skirt, or high-rise jeans. For a relaxed day, shopping with friends or eating out, get a pair of hip-hop bomber jackets that would go well with cute shorts. Don't forget to browse through our sneaker collection to add an edge to your look. 

For a casual set up with friends or family, shop for a black casual or a camouflage print bomber jacket that can be paired with a men's t-shirt and trendy jeans or casual shorts. You can switch things up a little by adding a simple tee to your summer jacket wear. For winter, switch your tee with a sweatshirt and layer with your bomber jacket.

Shop at RebelsMarket for affordable bomber jackets. Our jackets are high-quality, and whatever your style, we got you covered. Whether you want a punk rock jacket or a different style jacket, you're guaranteed to get it at RebelsMarket. Shop today and get 10% OFF your first order.


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