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Men's Military Boots

Men’s military-style leather boots are worn by soldiers during their combat training as opposed to parades. Military life is not all about having speed and confidence but tactical advantages too. Badass military crack boots are, therefore, a staple that comes in handy in any Operational Camouflage Pattern(OCP). They not only keep your feet dry when crossing terrains but also support your ankles and feet while on duty on rugged environments.

Traditionally designed from high quality and genuine leather, they also have side panels made from Gore-Tex-nylon, which help improve both comfort and ventilation.  They are often crafted with different conditions and climates in mind. While military boots for men are designed in several sizes and shapes, they all serve one purpose; feet protection.

Types of Military Boots

Military boots for men come in an array of colors, styles, sizes, options, and features. Heavy but very durable, they are also suitable for rough conditions.

(1): Desert Combat Boots- As the name suggests, these are fit for desert areas where the regions are arid and humid. They mostly have their colors in beige or tan, either in their lighter or darker shades. 

(2): Jungle Boots- They are best suited for hot and humid conditions. The shoes are mostly used in all forms of jungle warfare. Fitted with a canvas and vent holes, jungle boots are well ventilated and have an outlet for draining moisture.

(3): Army Combat Boots- These are ankle leather boots that meet precise specifications from the United States Army.

Our Handmade Military Boots

RebelsMarket offers a range of lace-up military crack boot shoes that are available to all civilians as well as law enforcement personnel. 

Combat Boots as A Fashion Statement

If you have ever heard of subcultures such as "punk" and "goth," then I'm sure you are also familiar with black combat boots. These have become quite popular in the fashion industry. Outside military life, many individuals also wear them as a fashion statement. They have a longer lifespan as compared to other fashion boots. The ones made from genuine leather usually create more of a vintage look after recrafting. In addition to that, they are also comfortable to wear in any weather conditions. 

Simple Ways to Style Your Military Boots

Military handmade leather boots mens are a style that will keep on resurfacing year in, year out. They are a perfect choice, especially when it comes to toughening up an outfit. Regardless of your style, the pair can comfortably fit in anyone's closet. 

(1). With denim- If you want to take your style from casual to dressier, then I’d suggest pairing with skinny jeans of your favorite color. This not only makes your legs look slimmer but also draws a lot of attention to your handcrafted footwear.

(2).  With cuffed boyfriend jeans- Another perfect choice is to bring out your boyfriend jeans. The style not only creates a laidback look but also makes you look ultra-cool.

(3). With Jackets and Coats

If you love ripped jeans, then throwing on a coat or leather jacket would work just fine. Besides, you also get to play around with different boot colors, from brown, to red and even green. If you are more into gothic styles, then you can decide to go all black, black pants,  and a black leather vest.

(4). With Dresses and Skirts

Women also look elegant when they walk around in their ultra-feminine maxi dresses and skirts.  Pairing with ruffle skirts and dresses not only create some bit of contrast but also results in a more edgy look.

(5).With Plaid Shirts and Vintage Style T-shirts

You can also opt to wear a vintage style t-shirt and still throw on a plaid shirt over your shoulder.

(6). With Fishnets

For women who want a sexy look, I’d suggest keeping your eyes on fishnets and lace tights.

(7).With Wide-legged Pants

Who said wide-legged pants aren't an exception to dressing your military boots? Go ahead and pair them with your wide-legged pants.

Combat boots come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, all aimed at providing all-day comfort. RebelsMarket stocks an excellent collection of high-quality military boots handmade for you on order. Browse through our extensive selection for just the perfect pair at an affordable price. We also offer fast worldwide delivery for all products purchased. Shop now to enjoy free shipping.