Military Jackets

Although war and fashion don't seem like a distinct set, the cool military-style jacket still emerges as a must-have fashion piece. They come in different forms, like combat jackets, bombers, and camouflage jackets. Whatever your preference is, RebelsMarket got you covered with a variety of affordable pieces.

A military uniform is a standardized attire worn by armed forces of different nations. By the time world war II was taking place, several clothing adjustments had been made. These adjustments, therefore, resulted in new trends and styles that were then incorporated into civilian fashion.

Season after season, military dress has gone through some changes, to the point of influencing the modern style. We can, therefore, conclude that army uniforms had a positive impact on the fabrics, colors, and designs of contemporary wear.

Military-style Jackets

(1).  Flight/ Bomber Jacket

During world war II, most airplanes lacked enclosed cockpits. The pilots, therefore, had to wear coats that shielded them from high-altitude cold. The U.S Air Corp consequently issued original A2 bomber jackets in 1931. 

They were made out of cotton lining and seal skin leather. They were distinguished by zipper closures with wind flaps, wraparound collars, and snug cuffs. 

Day in, day out, their demand continued to grow. This demand, therefore, prompted the U.S Aircorp to replace seal skin leather with horsehide. After being discontinued in 1943 in favor of newer cloth-shell jackets, the style became quite popular among the general public.

(2). Parka Coat

Initially conceived by the Caribou Inuit, parka coat was mainly designed for protection against the extreme climatic conditions of the Arctic. In addition to that, they were also constructed using lightweight waterproof nylon that kept the U.S troops warm during the Korean war. Made from caribou or seal skin, they also featured a zipper closure with a full-lined hood. 

The modern versions, however, feature lightweight synthetic materials lined with down feathers that add bulk to the jacket. In terms of pairing, its puffy look makes it fit for casual attires and sporty looks.

(3). Pea Coat/ Pea Jacket

A pea coat is a short double-breasted overcoat that is made from a heavy coarse woolen cloth. Formerly worn by sailors, the coat originated from the British Royal Navy and was used for naval purposes. American counterparts, later on, adopted it as naval wear. 

It also features a wide notched collar and vertical pockets. The modern version has been slightly modified, such that it has a ball of softer wool.

(4). Military Field Jacket

This was an update of the M-51 that was in use until the 1960s. The design was adopted in preparation for war in Vietnam. It featured an olive-green color palette with a lot of chest pockets that were used to store the spare ammunition. 

The rugged fabric and the windproof cotton construction of the field jacket first became popular in 1976. The jacket's popularity came after a famous guy known as Robert DeNiro wore it in a film called Taxi Driver.

(5). Duffle Coat

This was a preferred choice for the British Royal Navy in world war I and II. They were designed for sailors to fasten and unfasten while at sea, the coat is highly recognized for its toggle closure. It has a  tartan lining and a strap at the neck to shield the wearer from cold. It also has two patch pockets and a hood that keeps one warm when in the high seas.

(6). Army Fatigue Jacket

This was a basic uniform for the British troops during World War II. The dust-colored khaki piece features four pockets, two on the breasts, and two on the hips.

The vintage military-style greatly inspires the fatigue jackets of today. You may also find several in camouflage prints.

(7). Trench Coat

This is a cotton raincoat that was made by Thomas Burberry for soldiers in world war I. The trench coat has a storm flap, button-close pockets, wide lapels and a double-breasted closure with ten buttons at the front. Additionally, it not only has buckled straps around the wrist but a belt on the waist also. Nowadays, they are available in a range of colors, including its traditional color, khaki.

What To Shop For

While many people may generally consider their style before purchasing a jacket, it is also vital that one also considers temperature. All military jackets were created to protect us from the elements of weather. However, there are several variations to which protection is provided.

 Flight jackets, for instance, are designed to offer more insulation as they can withstand the cold cabin temperatures. Additionally, they are also cropped, meaning that they can allow flight mobility. However, their cropped nature also makes them less useful, especially if you want to keep your legs warm. I'd, therefore, recommend them to those who don't walk a lot. 

Naval jackets like duffle and peacoats, on the other hand, are designed for nautical use, making them very warm. They are often made from a thick, durable fabric known as Melton Wool. The thick material, therefore, makes them ideal for the coldest months of the year.

Field jackets were mostly designed for all types of ground troops. The design, therefore, makes them more versatile. In civilian life, they are generally ideal for milder climates and transitional seasons. 

The jackets' medium level of insulation also makes them a perfect choice for a typical Northeastern Fall day. It is however, a poor choice for surviving in a place like Chicago.

Styling Options

While every military-style jacket and coat listed has a touch of military background, each has its distinct style.

  • Parka coat, for instance, has a rugged look as compared to the other army jackets. Unzipped parkas are therefore perfect for pairing with simple straight-leg pants, a crew neck t-shirt, and a knit sweater.  

  • Bomber jackets, on the other hand, create a cool and edgy kind of look. For smart-casual occasions, they pair well with chinos and collared shirts. However, if you want a more casual look, then team them up with a vintage-style tee, sneakers, and skinny jeans. 

  • Versatile duffle coats can pair well with any casual outfit, from boyfriend jeans to black lace-up flat boots for women. For men, you can opt to wear with brown leather boots and a t-shirt. If you'd like to pair with a formal outfit, then go ahead and throw on a plus-size coat over your smart jacket.

  • You can never go wrong with pea coats. Try pairing with dress shirts, turtle necks, leather boots, men's brogue shoes, khakis, and even canvas sneakers.

 Do you have a military-style jacket in your wardrobe?  If you don't, then this is your opportune moment to get an affordable one from RebelsMarket. Don't forget to also get one or two for your friends.


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