Skull cufflinks

Whether you are going for a boardroom meeting or attending a wedding, nothing gracefully demonstrates your sense of fashion like a neat set of cufflinks. From novelty offering to an exquisitely crafted pair of cufflinks, men’s options are arguably limitless.  

The thought of skulls as cufflinks may seem a bit punk-like to many, but it doesn't have to be. RebelsMarket has a men's skull accessories collection that is edgy and grungy in all the right ways. Each of the skull cufflinks fuses chunky stones, skull adornments, and embellishments to make for beautiful skull ornaments. These chunky pieces would make great additions to wardrobes throughout all seasons, as they come in a variety of colors and designs.

Skulls have been infused into mainstream fashion, and so anyone can wear them. Skull designs are widely used in tattoo fashion like Ed Hardy and Alexander McQueen. These cool and hip designs will take your breath away. When you wear skull cufflinks, your outfit will have the ultimate badass look to compliment your attire. From little skull heads to skeletal imprints, these cufflinks designs are really cool. Skull cufflinks are edgy and exclusive, only the brave and fearless can wear these cufflinks.

Often with fashion, there is a set of rules that guide you on what you should wear and when. However, the rules are ever-changing and can be confusing. We have put together a few pointers on what to consider when picking out your next pair of cufflinks.

Factors to consider when shopping for skull cufflinks online

Choosing skull cufflinks according to function

There are different sets of cufflinks suitable for various occasions. It is important to pick the appropriate set to fit your style and setting.

Black-tie event- If you are going for a black-tie event, such as a formal gathering or a wedding,  a standard pair of cufflinks mainly in silver or one that has subtle design elements such as a skull and crossbones would be appropriate. The low-key design will not draw too much attention from the suit, but it will generally complement your overall style. But if you opt for more color on your skull cufflinks, then a personal touch would be recommended. You can research the formal event’s color theme and shop for a skull cufflink to pair it with.  

White tie event- On the contrary, if you are attending a white tie event that is extremely formal, then you can opt for a pair that has sterling silver skulls, in pearl, or any other light color material. 

Casual wear- When it comes to a simple dress-up on the weekends or daily office grind, you are allowed to have some fun with skulls. You can shop for gold skulls or even bird skull cufflinks for a less formal setting. The point is to relax and let your personality speak through your choice of designs.

Types of skull cufflinks to choose from when shopping

It is also worth knowing the type of skull cufflinks that would be appropriate for different occasions.

Steampunk- Good looking cufflinks are hard to come by. The little cufflinks look like watch components, complete with a silver finish and brass gears. They can go with any shirt pattern or color, though black and white shirts are preferred. Go ahead and cool shirts for men with one of these sets, black jeans, and stylish Chelsea boots. Steampunk cufflinks also work for either formal or casual wear, so whether you are at a wedding or in the office, they will be appropriate.

Sugar skull- The Day of the Dead sugar skulls have become an iconic part of pop culture and are among the most popular cufflinks. Add a cool, edgy finish to a casual look or formal attire with these highly detailed sugar skull cufflinks. Sugar skulls are a perfect way to add some color to your outfit for the bold and daring.

Skull and crossbones- Skull and crossbones cufflinks are designed in antiqued sterling silver, a perfect fit for those who opt for a vintage Steampunk vibe. It is also ideal for your business or formal attire. They are a classic choice to elevate your office look because it is bold and edgy. Pair your set with a white button-down shirt, black pants, and sneakers for a casual look. 

Occasions that call for formal wear don't happen all the time. But when they do, it's worth having quality cufflinks that match your outfit. Therefore, you should invest in a set that will make every dressy occasion feel as sophisticated as possible. 

With these few pointers, have fun browsing through our collection and find a piece for your liking. RebelsMarket provides you with the grungy and cool side of fashion. Browse through our collection today. Find cool jewelry to complete your skull inspired look. RebelsMarket is your one-stop-shop for all things skeleton and skulls. You can shop for a wide variety at low prices. Don't be left out! Shop today to enjoy 10% OFF your first order.



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