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Skull Pendants

Adding a statement piece of unique jewelry is enough to elevate any outfit. Skull pendants are a perfect way to accessorize and add a bit of interest to an already stylish ensemble. We have a wide selection of pendants: from black skulls, sugar skulls to large skull heads. You can also find skeleton pendants that comprise hand bones and animal bones from our collection. 

How to shop for a skull pendant online according to material

There are different types of materials to choose from when buying a skull pendant. You can choose the material of a skull pendant depending on your style. For example, you can shop for a classic skull diamond pendant and pair it with a flirty little black dress, earrings, and heels for a formal event. Alternatively, if you want something a bit more casual for your everyday look, you can check out our stainless steel skull pendant and pair it with an all-black gothic outfit. 

Edgier pendants made from stainless steel, titanium, gold, or a silver skull pendant will work great with a graphic tee and a leather biker jacket.

When picking your pendants, keep in mind that some of the metal choices will be better for mild allergies. Steering clear of high content nickel-metal will help you avoid the itchy skin associated with the most common jewelry allergies.

Accessorizing a skull pendant

Wondering how to accessorize with skulls, but don’t know how to do it? That is okay; we are here to make sure that you can create a badass seamless look without a ton of effort. When shopping for the perfect skull pendant, you need to keep your personal style in mind. Every piece is unique and intended to help you accessorize your alternative outfits easily. You will find several unique and intricate designs that make the perfect accessory for every subculture.

For women, skull pendants look great with skull tops and dresses with V-shaped necklines to best showcase the jewelry. A skull pendant paired with a dress with an open neckline and heels would be perfect for going out, while a skull piece paired with a simple v-neck printed tee and jeans would be suitable for a casual day out with friends. 

For men, stainless steel pendants go well with fitting tees or tops because they stand out. Gold pendants are versatile, they can be worn on many different occasions and have a limitless way to be styled and personalized. 

You can also create several different looks by buying a single chain and several different pendant pieces that can be mixed and matched for an everyday look. 

Buy affordable skull pendants today! Find unique pieces in our jewelry section at RebelsMarket to define your alternative style. We have a wide variety of skull pendants for you to select from, browse and shop now. Get 10% OFF on your first purchase.