Alternative Rings

We all love to add accessories to our clothing. Some prefer cute necklaces, while others may prefer chains, earrings, or bracelets. At the same time, some accentuate their outfits with rings. Alternative rings are a bold way to stand out from the crowd in the most simplistic manner. A stylish ring is what you need to separate you from the next person because it is a versatile accessory that can redefine your look.

Our selection of edgy rings comes in different styles to meet your alternative fashion trends because you ought to express yourself with unique accessories. As you continue browsing through our rings collection, here are some buying guidelines to help you shop for the right alternative ring.

Factors to consider when shopping for alternative rings online

The size of the ring

Comfort is an essential factor when it comes to choosing a ring. Getting a fitting ring enables you to shake hands with other people at ease while blood circulates to your body. When the ring is too tight, it makes you uncomfortable.

An excellent way to get a fitting ring when shopping online is knowing the size of your fingers. A simple way to do this at home is to measure your fingers' size and then go ahead to read the product description to get a ring that fits comfortably. 

When the size is right, and you're comfortable in your ring, you can stun it with confidence.

Materials used to make rings

Titanium is a durable and robust metal resistant to scratches than most metals used to make rings. It is grey in color and lightweight, which allows you to wear the ring all through the day without straining.

If you are shopping for a ring with durable qualities, stainless steel is another excellent option. The chromium used gives the steel its unique stainless and corrosion-resistant properties. It's also shiny, which will make the ring stand out as you wear it.

Silver is a popular material for fashion jewelry. Silver is shiny and resistant to corrosion, making it friendly when you wear it on your body. With time, however, a silver ring will darken, and the appearance will be tarnished.

Brass is one of the most commonly used metals for jewelry, partly due to it's resemblance to gold. Brass is an affordable and durable material that is increasingly used to make rings. Brass rings are resistant to corrosion, meaning your ring will not rust as you wear them.

How to wear your ring for different occasions

Depending on the occasions, you can decide whether you want to layer your ring or not. 

If you are looking for an alternative ring for a formal or corporate event, you may need to consider wearing a simple ring to match your attire. A vintage ring or men's stainless steel ring is a simple, classic, yet stylish rings you can add to your highlight attire. 

If you are shopping for a ring for a casual setting, there are plenty of options available to choose from. A horn ring, skull ring, or double full finger rings are perfect for a casual occasion. The advantage of a relaxed setting is that it allows you to layer your ring. You can layer with two or even four different rings.

Alternative rings to shop for online

Vintage rings

Vintage rings are unique and appealing to have as a staple accessory. Vintage rings are artistic and versatile and can be paired with many attires. If you love vintage and retro styles or you're more of a grunge style fashionista, a vintage ring is a masterpiece jewel you ought to add to your cart ASAP. 

Shop for stainless steel vintage rings that are durable and easy to maintain. You can also shop for vintage rings for women like one's with feather openings, dragon claws, or vintage double cross rings.

Your options are limitless when it comes to men's vintage rings. Shop for vintage crown punk rings or dragon eye adjustable vintage rings. You can't miss shopping for a pair of these affordable rings.

Skull rings

Skull rings are a stunning ring to have. They are eerie and sinister, making them a fun, creepy accessory. If you love gothic fashion, tattoo clothing, or rock and heavy metal, a skull ring would be a fabulous accessory to accentuate your look.

We have double gun skull rings, skull shield rings, skull goat horns, demon fire skull and wisdom skull rings you can shop for at RebelsMarket. Browse our collection of skull jewelry and discover statement jewelry to match your alternative style.

Stone rings

Unique gemstone rings add a taste of elegance and style to your clothes. Stone rings are bold and stand out when worn on the fingers. A ring with red, blue, or green ruby stones will spotify your look and take your outfit to a whole new level. We also have faux stone rings to augment your look as you browse through our affordable ring collection. 

No matter the style you are going for, statement rings will add a nice finishing touch to your attire. We also have steampunk jewelry that takes inspiration from gears and steam-powered gadgets, gothic jewelry for those with a darker, edgier taste, and skull jewelry for all skull lovers.

Shop at RebelsMarket and experience a vast selection of alternative rings to choose from today. We offer stylish, classic, and unique rings made of high-quality materials at affordable prices. So, if you are looking for affordable and high-end rings, RebelsMarket has something to fit your wallet and budget. Shop with us and get 10% OFF on your first order—worldwide shipping available.


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