Fanny Packs

Enjoy convenience and style like never before with unique fanny packs from RebelsMarket. When you need a way to keep your essential items safe when you’re out and about, but you want to keep it edgy, then our fanny packs and waist bags are indeed the way to go. Our collection of fanny packs is one of the most diverse alternative fashion has to offer.

You don’t have to settle for less than the highest quality when it comes to your fanny packs. Our items are meant to accentuate your style while still carrying your items securely. We all need a bag that will be reliable and strong but still edgy to give your look a remarkable finish. Our catalog features items that come with eccentric designs that make your look stand out more.

Choosing to take on our delectable collection has its positives that are far from the simple designs of mainstream fashion. Our catalog allows you to make a statement with your look when you wear our bags. Pair off an alternative skirt for women with our excellent leather fanny pack. For the guys, experience edginess in your look today by pairing our satchel waist bags with our badass alternative jeans for men

Factors to consider when buying fanny packs 

Different aesthetics are featured in our incredible collection of cool fanny packs. One important aesthetic present in our clothes is goth fashion. Goth is well known for being conspicuously dark and mysterious. We feature incredible designs with different shapes, including coffins and skulls, and incorporate occult elements with an impeccable finish.

Another prominent aesthetic featured in our catalog is steampunk fashion. Steampunk is a retro-futuristic science fiction genre that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. We feature cool steampunk fanny packs in different shapes to get you a great look. Rock fashion is also featured in our waist bags, making attitude and toughness high on the list when you choose to put on our fanny packs.

Our fanny packs are made with some of the finest materials to offer you value for money and a quality product. The material used allows you to gauge how dependable your bag will be, given its durability and comfort while carrying your waist bag around. Our collection features a variety of fabrics to choose from, including:

  • Leather: Our collection features genuine leather. Leather is a solid and durable material that ensures that your items are both safe and in a lovely place. Leather is enjoyed for its stylish finish ensuring that your look always pops when you wear our fanny packs. Get our black leather fanny pack today and pair it off with our range of goth boots mens

  • Faux Leather: artificial leather is stylish and is easily loved. Faux leather is an excellent material to consider because they imitate leather with a beautiful faux finish, which brings an excellent texture to the bag. Faux leather is also known as vegan leather, making it a sustainable and chic choice. Complement your faux leather hip bag with our fabulous goth shoes for women.

  • Polyester: Polyester is a unique and reliable fabric. Polyester makes for a comfortable bag that is a bit flexible, ensuring that your items are well placed inside the bag. Polyester also allows prints to be featured across the bag, ensuring that you can get edgy prints like skulls and dragons on your fanny pack. Complete the look by choosing to add on steampunk accessories to move your look up a notch. 

Types of fanny packs to choose from

There are many types of fanny packs you could choose from. We at RebelsMarket consider these to be some of the trendy bags you can consider. Our collection is stylish and adds a new dimension to every outfit to put up. 

  • Waist Bag: A waist bag is worn at the waist and is secured by a belt, making it snug and comfortable when you wear it. The space in a waist bag is often larger than other forms of fanny packs allowing for more items to be placed inside the. Get the best out of your satchel waist bag by complementing it with rock pants for women

  • Utility Belts: These belts come in various shapes and sizes depending on the designer’s inspiration. Utility belts are also known as waist belts and can be inspired by different aesthetics, including steampunk. Get yourself our marvelous steampunk waist belt for a dash of spectacular to your outfit. These belts also come in specific shapes, with single versions often being referred to as pockets. 

  • Shoulder Bags: As the name suggests, these are fanny packs that are worn on the shoulder. What makes them worn on the shoulder could be the user’s choice depending on the strap in the fanny pack or the shoulder bag’s design. The finish on these shoulder bags allows for the edgiest of pieces around. 

Embrace unique style with our tasteful fanny packs like never before. Each of our tastefully designed pieces adds a much-needed factor to your wardrobe. Our catalog ensures that you get value for money even when you’re on a budget. Get yours today and add a timeless piece to your closet.

Browse our diverse collection of fanny packs and find a bag that represents your inner misfit. We have fanny packs and waist bags that go along with your alternative wardrobe. Enjoy a stand-out experience while shopping at RebelsMarket today. Our range of bags comes at affordable prices, ensuring that you can style yourself on a budget. Get 10% OFF your first buy. We ship worldwide.