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Biker Jewelry

Nothing completes an outfit like a few carefully selected pieces of biker jewelry. So if you're into kickass alternative styles such as heavy-metal, biker clothing, or skull clothing, then you might want some badass biker jewelry to complete your alternative look.

The biker jewelry trend has become popular over the years, with cute hats being popularised by mainstream fashion, while bracelets and other biker themed accessories take center stage in the online alternative fashion community.

Pop culture has seen many different iterations of biker fashion over the years, but the jewelry associated with it has remained largely the same. This means that while biker-themed accessories are not necessarily a new trend, they are just as popular.

With this in mind, biker jewelry and badass biker accessories can be a valuable addition to your alternative wardrobe. Whether you own a Harley-Davidson or subscribe to the badass look that biker clothing provides, you can find awesome men's biker and chick jewelry at RebelsMarket. 

We source the very best in jewelry and accessories because we curate all of our collections from jewelry designers and retailers worldwide. When you shop online at RebelsMarket, you can be confident that you are shopping for the newest trends available. 

Biker jewelry to shop for online

Biker rings;

The most iconic element of biker fashion other than leather jackets is biker rings. Rings are mostly made of sterling silver and steel and carry symbols unique to each biker squad. We have a unique collection of medieval silver and gold biker rings in cross baroque you can shop for today. We also have a variety of warrior rings that you can also choose from.

Biker chain jewelry

If you have had the pleasure of interacting with a biker or seeing a biker, one thing is for sure; they always have a chain or two in their outfit. Biker chain jewelry is loved in the biker world because it's a creative way of enhancing a look. When worn correctly, chains will add a stylish vibe to biker trousers, jeans, or even leather shorts. Some bikers also have chains on their leather boots to make their shoes unique.

Biker necklaces

You have your leather jacket, check. All you need to add is a statement biker necklace to complete your look. Shop for punk and gothic biker necklaces to revamp your style. Go all out with a BDSM leather necklace or a silver fuck necklace to show off your badass style.

Biker bracelets

Biker bracelets are unique pieces worth adding to your jewelry box. Biker bracelets are a practical and stress-free fashionable statement style. Shop for cool biker bracelets at RebelsMarket to symbolize your love for the biker lifestyle. We have steampunk, stainless steel, and leather bracelets you can pick from as you shop. But if you want something more wild and eerie, shop from our biker skull jewelry collection and add skull bracelets to your cart.

How to style badass biker jewelry with everyday trends

When it comes to selecting the finishing touches of your outfit, it is crucial to consider the details. If you are looking to add a chic biker edge to your look, then biker jewelry is what you need.

Biker fashion has evolved over the years, but there are still staple items associated with the look. The most popular of these is the black leather jacket men's. Leather jackets are considered crucial to biker fashion and are the first thing that comes to mind when visualizing a biker-inspired look because you can fit as everyday wear.

When accenting a leather jacket with biker accessories, the key is to be simplistic. A leather jacket as a stand-alone item looks excellent, but when you add a biker chain jewelry and a couple of men's biker rings, you take a pretty standard outfit and convert it into a badass one.

Another quintessential element of biker's fashion is the motorcycle men's fashion vest. A motorcycle vest looks great with cool tank tops for men and biker hat or other cool beanies. If you want to style a modern biker outfit, consider adding biker headbands or even sewing a couple of cool patches on to the vest itself. This is an elegant look for both men and women. Women can accessorize this look with earrings and leather leggings, while men could opt for thick chain biker necklaces and skull rings or outlaw biker jewelry for a tough and edgy style.

The looks that you can create with biker jewelry are endless. You don't have to pair it with biker clothing; you could mix and match different alternative subcultures like punk rock, heavy metal, and streetwear to create a unique look. Continue browsing our vast selection of biker jewelry and accessories at RebelsMarket. You're sure to find something to inspire you to create a whole new outfit.

The great thing about kick-ass jewelry and accessories is that they can be mixed and matched with multiple styles. So whether you want to add a biker-chick edge to your gothic outfits, or you are simply after some cool finger bling, you can get everything you need to create a kickass look on RebelsMarket.

RebelsMarket is proud to bring you the best in alternative fashion and accessories. So whether you are after biker headbands to complete your edgy punk rock look, or you're looking to buy badass biker rings, your trusted online shop has all your needs covered. 

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