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Skull Backpacks

Buy a Skull Backpack to Suit Your Alternative Style

Skull fashion is an alternative fashion trend that has stood the test of time. And if you want to take advantage of this trend with a new backpack - you can find an awesome collection of skull backpacks right here at RebelsMarket. We have a great selection of skull backpacks for books, laptops, personal belongings and more. We also carry laptop bags and travel bags in kickass skull prints.

If you are looking for a new, stylish backpack to add to your gothic wardrobe then RebelsMarket have you covered. We have a wide selection of backpacks with skull designs as well as skeleton designs, to really make your alternative wardrobe stand out.

The great thing about skull prints and designs is that they are undeniably alternative. Whether you want a skull books backpack for a fresh back-to-school look, or a travel skull backpack to spice up your heavy metal clothing, you can find tons of styles online with RebelsMarket.

We can offer the best skull backpacks available because we source all of our items from alternative fashion retailers across the globe. Add a skull backpack to a pastel goth outfit to give it a darker alternative edge, or switch up your punk rock style with skull designs to rock that emo clothing look. With a badass skull backpack - the outfit possibilities are endless!

When you shop with us you are shopping the best skull backpacks available. We curate items from a selection of indie fashion brands and designers, so our backpack and rucksack styles are always new and on trend. You won't find these backpacks in regular stores!

And what's more, our wide selection of skull backpacks come in at various different price points. So whether you're after a budget backpack for a slick street style, or you just want a laptop skull backpack for school without breaking the bank - we have you covered.

Shop now and browse our awesome selection of skull backpacks and bags. We are confident you will find something to suit your style and your budget.

Find an awesome collection skull backpacks at RebelsMarket. We have a solid collection of laptop, travel, book and shoulder backpacks, we are sure to match your taste and budget. Our backpacks are sourced from the best indie and alternative brands in the world. We offer you 10% OFF on your first order.

Skull backpack have elevated the symbolic possibilities of fashion items providing an opportunity for social change. With deeper meanings attached to the skull trend, this skull fashion has brought out the beauty that lies between life and death. Show the world that beauty can be found even in unimaginable places with a skull backpack of your choice. Whether you wish to simply achieve an edgy look, or you want to identify with a group, these skull backpack will always set you distinct.


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Style an Outfit with A Cool Skull Backpack

The skull trend is pretty big in most alternative fashion subcultures. Skull symbols appear on gothic outfits, are a motif of Steampunk fashion and adorn punk rock clothing and accessories too.  Suffice to say, skull clothing and accessories are definitely badass, no matter what alternative subculture are you follow.

If you want to style an outfit around a skull backpack, there are a number of ways to do this. You can pair a skull backpack with plain gothic clothing, such as a gothic overshirt and some leggings, allowing the skull backpack to be the centerpiece of your outfit. Or, if you want an edgy punk rock style, why not accent your school backpack with pins, and rock a cool skull watch. Finish off the look with a leather jacket and some high heels for a gorgeous glam-punk aesthetic.

The skull trend is alive and kicking because it continuously blends with other upcoming fashion trends. A perfect example of this is the sugar skull trend, which has been taking the fashion industry by storm over the last few years. This shows that skulls do not have to be gruesome or hardcore; they can be softer and blended with more feminine styles such as floral dresses and skirts. The pastel goth style is a perfect example of this, often containing skull prints and skeleton designs offset with soft pastel colors.

A skull backpack can transform any outfit. You can go from cute and kawaii to grungy and gothic in an instant. For example, take a stereotypically feminine color such as pastel pink, and make that the basis of your outfit. A skater dress or a cute maxi dress works fine. Next, add some skull accessories such as skull rings stacked on your fingers to create a dark contrast with your light clothing. A skull backpack will tie this whole look together, and is perfect for college or school. Plus, it gives the added benefit of being a functional accessory, and a pretty stylish way to carry your school books and personal belongings!

The main thing to remember is that, while rucksacks are a functional accessory, that doesn't mean that they can't be stylish too. Skull fashion is adventurous, provocative, and edgy - so use this symbol to your advantage, and have fun creating new looks.