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Waspie Corsets

A waspie is a type of corset top, mainly an underbust, that is shorter than the average underbust model. It is not more than 8 inches at the side seam and is designed for extreme curves in a lightweight package, to sit comfortably around your waist and provide an effective reduction. Waspie corsets also termed waist cinchers come in a variety of styles and designs. The beautiful designs can be worn as underclothing to gracefully enhance your look, or worn over to create a style statement. They can upgrade your look from simple to extra and are comfortable everyday corsets ideal for waist training. If you are looking to shop for a corset, you have come to the right place. Here are some guidelines on how to pick the perfect corset for you.

What to look out for when buying a waspie corset online


(1). Type

There are different types of corsets, as explained below:

  • Hourglass- This is the most traditional corset; it gives you a perfect hourglass shape with a tiny waist. While the waist is cinched, the lower ribs are not compressed. It is a good fit in terms of comfort, and ease of dressing. You can nail a sexy outfit when paired with skinny jeans and high heels.

  • Pipe-stem- In this type, the body is compressed throughout the torso, making it appear longer. This is done through a steel boned corset. The main disadvantage of this type is the somewhat severe strain on the lower ribs. This means that it can not be worn for a long period, hence, regular waist training is needed to fit into this type of corset. 

  • Corset belt- It is a short corset that covers the waist area, and almost seems like a wide belt. This type only gives a small waist compression compared to other types.

  • Front and back laced- This classification is based on the lacing of the corset. It can be laced up the front only, at front and back, or even have triple lacing. A bodice underbust can look very elegant with a classic white t-shirt and an ALT skirt, or a flowy black skirt for formal events. It can also add interest to basic jeans and a tank-top outfit for a daytime look or a casual party. 

  • Overbust- An overbust goes over the bust and is typically worn as an outer garment, as the bodice of a wedding gown, or as a top. You can never go wrong with a classic sweetheart neckline overbust for a formal evening look, paired with a frilly knee-length lace skirt.

  • Elizabethan- This is a waist-length corset with shoulder straps and flat sides covering the rib area in the front, and has a back lacing. It is created to have an almost dramatically raised bust line, and the bottom edge may have a scalloped edge. The bust is flattened in the front along the torso but pushed up, creating a dramatic squeezed cleavage and a corn-shaped torso, wide-set shoulders, and large padded-out hips.

  • Steampunk- This type tends to be mainly in a color palette of brown, black, and cream with brocade or striped fabrics being popular. However, there is a good crossover with Victorian gothic styles, which often include purple and red, as well as other colors that can make any outfit stand out. To achieve a steampunk look, wear a black corset alone or over a frilly shirt. Add a brown studded belt and a high-low skirt to show off thigh-high stockings. Add unique women's boots and a retro hat.

(2). Fit

It would help if you were also sure you’re choosing the best corset, by judging how it will fit your body shape. Here are some guidelines on which corset is best for each figure: 

  • Round or apple figure- This type of figure has a less-defined waist, slender legs, and slim shoulders. This shape is feminine and soft with natural curves. An underbust is the ideal type for this figure; it gives you the appearance of wider hips and a small but longer midsection. Go for an hourglass silhouette if you carry more weight around your middle section. For a slim figure, opt for a gentle silhouette and tie it to your comfort.

  • Rectangular- Women with this type of figure have the waist and hips all even. An underbust would be a perfect fit because it will create a gentle curve. Waist cinchers also work well with this body shape, they help achieve a slim figure while giving you subtle curves. For a more muscle tone, opt for an hourglass silhouette that will accentuate your figure.

  • Hourglass- This body type has a naturally defined waist with even shoulders and hips, and carries weight in the hips and bust. To properly accentuate the curves, go for an underbust in the hourglass silhouette, so that you can tie your corset tighter. For a longer torso, go for a longer corset. 

  • Pear-shaped- This type of figure is characterized by a wider lower section and a smaller upper section. Go for a longer underbust, for the corset rests on the hips, accentuating your small middle section but curvier lower section. If you have a narrow rib cage, wear a gentle silhouette, and for a wider rib cage, opt for an hourglass silhouette to create a dramatic look. 

(3). Material 

Once you get your type and size, it is also important to know which material to buy. Here are some pointers:

  • Satin- If you are planning to wear a corset under your clothes, go for satin. Your clothing will glide over the top rather than clinging to it. Satin is a smooth material with a glossy front and a dull back made from either silk or rayon.

  • Mesh- Mesh is easy and comfortable when worn over and under clothing. It is breathable and particularly useful in the hot summer months when worn over a skater dress. It also creates a great silhouette because there is so little bulk to the corset.

  • Cotton- Cotton is the fabric for you if casual comfort is more your thing. It takes a bit longer to feel comfortable in, but with time it will be your favorite wear like your denim jeans. It is breathable in summer and can keep you warm during winter.

  • Brocade- This is a gorgeous, thick polyester blend that almost feels like a light tapestry. It looks more elegant than plain fabric and can add a little ‘extra’ to your outfit. Due to its thickness, it takes more wear and time to get comfortable in it, but eventually, it will be a comfortable and classy addition to your closet.

  • Leather- It is a supple material and is comfortable almost immediately. Its smooth nature makes it glide effortlessly against your skin and is best worn over cute tops.

Using the pointers, you now have a reason to get yourself one or two waspie corsets to suit your style and preference. RebelsMarket has you covered when it comes to whichever type of corset you plan on buying. You can shop for a wide variety of women's clothing at low prices. Don't be left out. Shop today to enjoy 10% OFF your first order.