Men’s Urban Vests

Men’s urban vests are a great way to complement casual looks and layer your outfits. Allow your street style to bring out your personality and fashion knowledge of city life. Add a garment or two of our cool urban vests to your laid-back ensemble for a style switch-up from the everyday garb. 

Unleash the skater aesthetic with fresh designs straight from the skate culture with a twist of bad boy looks. Take it back to the old school days of vintage fashion with baggy trousers, colorful socks, a stylish tee, with a killer urban-style vest. You will realize that your sense of fashion is a combination of different aesthetics, bringing together a unique alternative look that stands out.

A fusion of several hues and patterns is the in-thing in the street fashion scene today. If you are a fan of punk style, you always strive to be unique in your clothing and affirm to breaking rules every now and then. How about we entice your taste buds with urban-inspired vests that will break the fashion rules for you, giving you a fresh outfit every day. Go for dark accent pieces of street goth style and find the dark side in your clothing as you paint the alleyways black. 

We have a comprehensive selection of men’s streetwear vests you should try out. Find the inner fashionista in you who is not afraid to experiment and create statement looks. Browse through our collections of asymmetrical designs and hooded urban vests to find the perfect fit for your summer closet. 

What to look for when shopping for casual urban vests

Are you looking for the right vest to complement your everyday outfit, perhaps an urban shirt for men or a casual t-shirt and jeans look? RebelsMarket is here to provide you with a vast collection of urban clothing vests to add some extra flair to your attire. Look out for camo vests that come in unique patterns and bring out the baddie aesthetic in you. Feel free and explore our section of tactical vests with a techwear finish and sleek edge bound to cause mayhem on the streets. A pair of urban fashion men’s boots would be a great way to give the look a combat touch.

Would you like to add an extra vibe to your men’s urban polo shirt and skinny jeans look? Find an ideal single-breasted v-neck urban vest to incorporate into the outfit. We have an assortment of designs you can go for, such as a slim-fit vest with pockets and a buttoned design. Have your semi-casual look taken to the next level with sleeveless urban solid-colored fabrics or minimal prints from jacquard materials to paisley patterns. How about you go for a pair of strapped urban fashion pants to tone down and finish off the ensemble? 

An urban streetwear vest can also be worn as an accessory to a simple look. Find printed vests that will add color to your formal or casual clothing. We carry a collection of plaid urban pieces to take home with you, from small-patterned prints to big designs. Style your preferred vest with a pair of fitting streetwear jeans for men and a graphic tee. Go for a velvet vest to complete your formal look, detailed with a stand-collar and fine-textured finish. You can accessorize with a men’s street belt in a skull buckle to add a fierce finish.

Looking for details in your streetwear pieces? Let us delight you with zipper vests to break the monotony of button-down garbs. Explore our collection for different prints and patterns that might interest you, such as the camouflage multi-pocket vest with a cargo design. Browse through our section of street coats to layer a vest look during the cold winter nights. You can also wear the vest as a stand-alone during summer, especially if you shop for the long urban vest hoodie. Shield off the heat with a stylish street-inspired hat and sunnies for a chill look.

Tips and advice on how to care for your street vest

Vests that are properly maintained always look better than expensive clothing that is neglected. Protecting your wardrobe costs much less than having to replace your clothes every few years. Protect your vests to last you a long time using the following tips:

Always remember to brush your vests. It only takes a clean brush with stiff bristles to clean your clothing after wearing. Brushing will help in removing dirt or particles that have accumulated before they settle on the fabric. A velvet vest would use some brushing sessions every now and then. Another advantage of brushing is that it will reduce the number of trips to the cleaners.

Ironing or steaming are what give your clothing body and character, the sharp creases at the collar and the smooth drape finish, hence focusing attention on details. Quickly remove wrinkles on delicate fabrics’ like paisley materials, using a steaming machine. Unlike ironing, there is a lesser chance of damaging the fabric as you are not touching it with hot metal. It is also important to note that great care should be taken when steaming a wool piece or any other fabrics that are shaped. This is to avoid blowing out seams and creating a billowed look where the seams are connected.

Update your look with freshly-designed vests from several alternative stores. Experiment with new urban trends to make a statement and boost your confidence. Shop for street-style vests at RebelsMarket and enjoy admiration from your friends and peers. There is no better way to dress than to match your fashion-forward style with your personality. So shop today and bring out the fashion guru through your clothing. Get 10% OFF when you shop with us. Worldwide shipping available!