Gothic Coats

Goths get cold too, so why would you sacrifice your creative style because the winter months have rolled around? Shop for gothic coats at RebelsMarket because you deserve to stay warm. Since we know how difficult it is to find gothic coats and jackets, we have curated unique gothic coats awaiting your purchase. RebelsMarket has scoured the globe to bring you the most fashion-forward gothic outerwear, including gothic trench coats and cool jackets for men for men and women.

We carry men’s and women’s gothic coats that will fit just about any subculture niche that you may find yourself a part of, all at affordable prices. All of which come with a certain edge that we know you’ll love. Whether it’s a Victorian-inspired waist-coat, military jacket, or a traditional trench coat that you can spice up with spikes or custom cool patches, we got you fully covered. Our gothic coats have one thing in common; they all have a badass metal edge that will set you apart from the crowd, making it possible to avoid the boring local store’s winter apparel racks.

Gothic coats keep you warm during the winter months and accessorize your overall look throughout the year. Lighter coats offer another platform for the creativity that gothic style tends to lend to their appearance. Gothic jackets are a great option if you want something slightly different from your standard hum-drum options at a local store or mall.

Our gothic coat selection features many different styles; there are gothic woolen and army-style coats, Victorian-inspired vampire jackets, and much more. The various types of goth coats have one thing in common; they are stylish.

You may be wondering which coats to purchase for warmer weather and which to buy for colder weather. With so many options to choose from, which one should you get? Worry not. Keep reading for more.

Which gothic coats are best for summer or spring?

Assuming it’s not winter and you need a nice goth coat, what to shop for can be confusing. And unknown to most, gothic coats can be worn in winter as well as summer or spring.

A men’s casual double-breasted coat, for instance, is a snug look you can wear during the warmer seasons. The intricate details on the coat, like the buttons, add to the feel of the jacket. You can wear this coat with denim jeans and a men’s tee to complete your look.

If you’re a lady, purchasing a women’s gothic slim fit blazer jacket, a velvet ruffled dovetail jacket, or a black gothic lolita short coat would be advantageous if you want to rock your coat in a warmer season.

Which gothic coats are best for winter or autumn?

For colder weather, long coats are a guaranteed option to keep you warm. Besides being warm, long gothic coats are a dope fashion statement to wear during winter seasons.

RebelsMarket has a wide variety of long coats for both men and women. To revamp your style, shop for men’s vampire gothic pirate, military leather coats, long black jackets, or men’s trench coats.

Shop for stylish red velvet coats to keep you stylish, elegant, and warm during winter.

The most prevalent types of gothic style coats are Victorian coats with fur (or faux fur) lined hoods, lapels, and sleeves with high waists and even corset lacing up the back with a far more militant look that caters to the more grunge look. Buttons, zippers, lace, ruffles, and straps are typical accents that accompany any gothic coat. These little accents lend themselves well to keeping warm in the cold weather and act as an accessory to any outfit.

Some coats may even follow down the vein of gaming or fantasy creatures. One such example is Assassin’s Creed hoodie or jacket that has become all the rage. The cut of the Assassin’s coat will lend well to keeping out the bitterly cold weather.

Gothic coats lend themselves well to their owners’ playfulness and creativity; it isn’t unusual to see them dressed up with a few spikes on the shoulders or collars, or even a few thoughtfully placed iron-on vinatge patches here or there. 

Your options are boundless when it comes to gothic coats at RebelsMarket. Browse through our vast collection of coats and get yourself a pair or two of gothic coats to keep you styled. Shop today and get 10% OFF on your first order.


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