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Hipster Clothing

Shop all of your hipster clothing needs right here to create unique outfits unlike any other! We all know the stereotypical image of a hipster: glasses, even if you don’t need them, suspenders, and tennis shoes. But what’s the real definition of a hipster? Well, they typically value independent thinking, a broader acceptance of beauty ideals, progressive politics, an appreciation of art, creativity, and intelligence. Hipsters discard the culturally unaware attitudes of mainstream consumers, and often wear vintage and thrift store fashion, skinny jeans and “mom jeans”, old- fashioned sneakers and loafers, and yes, sometimes wayfarer glasses.

So really, being a hipster is all about ignoring the fashion and beauty norms around you, and just doing you. Some of the valued hipster fashion trends include vintage- inspired clothing, relaxed fitting garments, androgynous styling, and lots of layering. It’s fun to mix and match old and new items to create an individualized hipster clothing look, too.

Here’s one hipster outfit idea for starters: begin with a graphic t- shirt with one of your favorite bands, slogans, or designs on it. For warm spring and summer weather, pair your shirt with high- waisted denim cutoff shorts. For fall and winter, wear your graphic tee with distressed and relaxed- fitting denim jeans. This is a great starting point for layering: all you have to do is throw on a flannel, denim jacket, utility jacket, or slouchy cardigan over top for the perfect hipster outfit. Layering different patterns and materials will create a unique look that will catch others’ attention.


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So, now you know what the real hipster concept is- being uniquely yourself, regardless of what other people are doing or wearing. It’s a belief that RebelsMarket strongly agrees with, which is why you’ll find an awesome assortment of carefully selected hipster clothing to choose from. You’ve seen hipster clothing in other stores, but it’s widely available to everyone and it’s overpriced. You want hipster clothes that are original and won’t empty out your pockets, right? Well, that’s what RebelsMarket is here for. We have hipster clothing and accessories from graphic tees to tunics, dresses, and even aprons. Stock up your closet with the best hipster clothing: graphic t- shirts, flannels, button down shirts, ripped jeans, short dresses, thigh- high socks, cardigans, denim vests and jackets, overalls, and kimonos. Accessorize with the best hipster accessories, from floppy- brimmed hats and messenger bags to glasses and beanies. The top tip for hipster fashion is to go against the grain and avoid “mainstream” fashion brands. Shop for hipster clothing that you like, and don’t buy something just because of its label. Keep each clothing item simple, but layer a lot to keep your outfit interesting. Wear simple crop tops and loose fitting t-shirts with sweaters, jackets, and scarves layered on top. Over accessorize to have an original style, and think outside the box by making your own accessories or altering the ones that you buy. Draw on your hipster clothing and accessories with fabric paint and markers, iron on patches, and sew on buttons for a distinct look. Mix up past looks with new purchases and don’t be afraid to put different styles of clothing together. For example, mix preppy and punk rock outfit for an edgy look that’s still put together. With all of the choices you have to pick from, your outfit options are endless. Go bold with fun prints and patterns and just be yourself! Buy trendy hipster clothing from the most unique brands, only on RebelsMarket.