Biker Boots

Biker boots are a popular style of footwear that is both stylish and practical. Originally designed for motorcycle riders, biker boots offer a combination of comfort and protection that is perfect for any number of activities. The sturdy construction and rugged design of the footwear make them ideal for wear in any type of weather, and the wide range of styles means that there is a boot to suit any taste. Whether you are looking for a classic black boot or something more flashy, biker boots are a great choice for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement.

Biker boots for men are most commonly associated with riders and motorcycle culture. These boots usually come up above the ankle, and may extend slightly below the knee. They are made from heavy, thick leather that is designed to protect the feet and legs in the event of a spill. The boots often have reinforced toe caps and heels, and may also feature straps or buckles for added security. In addition to their functional properties, biker boots also have a rugged, stylish appeal that has made them popular even among those who don't ride motorcycles. Whether you're hitting the open road or the dance floor, a pair of biker boots can add a touch of rebel cool to your look.

Some of our biker shoes for men feature plastic and metallic materials to protect the rider's feet from injury in the event of a crash. Others have a waterproof membrane like Gore-Tex to keep the rider's feet dry during long rides in bad weather. Still other boots are designed for racing, with lightweight construction and special features to improve traction and grip. No matter what type of rider you are, there is a pair of motorcycle boots out there that is perfect for you. We also offer a variety of options that are comfortable to walk in just like any other regular shoe at RebelsMarket. Shop till you drop, because our catalog has so much to choose from.

Common features of biker boots

As much as the choice of biker boots highly depends on one's tastes and preferences, there are some factors that they should all have in common.

  • Molded ankle protection-This feature helps in protecting the bones around the ankle from severe injuries.

  • Stiffness- This prevents the twisting of the foot/ankle.

  •  Soles that are oil-resistant-These soles prevent sliding or slipping.

Should men own a pair?

Biker boots are not just for bikers, so getting a pair will push your style a notch higher.  While there are many different types of footwear available on the market, one style that has always been popular among men is the biker boot. Originally designed for motorcycle riders, these boots are known for their durability and stylish look. 

In recent years, however, biker boots have become more mainstream, appearing on the feet of fashion-savvy celebrities and everyday guys alike. So, should every man own a pair of these rugged boots? Our simple answer is Yes! 

Whether worn with men’s jeans and a graphic t-shirt or a suit, the boots can help to create a variety of different looks. They are also surprisingly versatile, able to transition from day to night with ease. For all of these reasons, every man should own at least one pair of biker boots. Pair them with your collection of classics, and you'll be good to go. Make sure you get a high-quality pair that you can rock anytime.  

Tips on choosing the Perfect Pair

Unless you’re a rider on a track, you’ll need a multi-functional boot that will serve many purposes, such as riding, working, and walking. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a pair that does it all.

  •  Water resistance and ventilation -Proper ventilation means less sweaty feet as the legs are aerated. Biker shoes should also be water-resistant, especially where you have to ride during the rainy season. They are also a fashionable addition for the colder months.

  •  Go with your style- There are numerous styles available such as tall, harness, and shorty. Tall ones are, however, preferable because they suit different seasons.  They also provide the body with extra warmth, especially during the cold season. If you want a statement shoe, opt for a detailed pair that you will also wear and style with a variety of jeans such as punk rock jeans.

  • The shaft height of the bike- Some bikes/motorcycles have tall shafts. In such cases, always go for a taller option that will offer maximum feet protection.

  • Pricing- When it comes to making additions to your wardrobe, price is always a factor. RebelsMarket offers affordable and comfortable footwear.

  • Height -This is always dependent on the purpose for which your shoes are intended for. You, therefore, get to choose between short and tall boots.

  • Type of ride- If you plan to take a ride during Winter, you should make sure that your pair has a rubber sole. Rubber soles tend to prevent scuff marks on the bike. This tip also applies when you are riding your bike during a wet or rainy season.

  •  The material of the boot- High-quality leather is the best material as it ensures durability. 

How should your boots fit?

Any boots you purchase should always fit. Don’t always assume that your boot size is the same as your shoe size. Make sure that your feet are comfortably supported. You can try moving your ankle and foot around to find the right pair.

How can men style their biker boots? 

Just as you don’t need to be in the military to wear a leather jacket, you can happily wear biker boots without riding or even owning a bike. The pair is an excellent addition to anyone’s arsenal. They have also proved to be a fashion element and a practical footwear for riders.

For a tough and edgy look;

  •  Pair with dark wash denim and a vintage style t-shirt. You can also go ahead and throw on a black leather jacket or an oversized hoodie, and you'll be ready for the weekend.

  • Wear your boots with a plaid button-up shirt and comfy trousers.This is a perfect go-to outfit for special events. A dressier top can even transform this look from weekend to the workplace. For a semi-formal occasion, you can dress them down with a pair of plain black biker jeans, a patterned vest, and a solid button-up. If you are an actual motorist, you can bring out your men’s leather riding pants.

  • Opt for a “beat-up look.”- Biker boots are also available in “distressed leather.” This type of leather has oils added to it during the tanning process. The oils, therefore, give it a worn appearance. 

The good thing about distressed shoes is that you don't have to polish them unless they are worn out. Besides, they look better when scuffed and beat up. 

  •  Cuff the bottom of your jeans-Try rolling up the bottom of your distressed jeans to about two inches. For an effortless but trendy look, stick to one cuff instead of rolling more than once. Go ahead and pair with a long-sleeved tee and a baseball cap. 

  • No matter which style you opt for, standard boot-wearing applies to all casual wearers.  I would therefore not recommend wearing your biker boots in Summer and Spring. However, you can go for tan suede, brown and black shades for Autumn and chocolate brown or black leather for Winter.

 Now that you know the factors to consider when buying biker boots, and a couple of styling tips to try out, you are now set. All you need is an authentic pair that will not only be suitable for riding but styling too.  Get yourself several pairs on RebelsMarket at affordable prices. Happy shopping!


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