Write for Us: Contributor Guidelines




Please note that I will not respond to emails that do not follow the writer guidelines (and may block email addresses if needs be). The email address on this page is solely for guest article submissions and nothing else. In short, this means: don't send silly questions, don't send pitches rather than finished articles, and basically don't send anything other than a finished article to the email address laid out in the guidelines. Thanks :) 


Here at the RebelsMarket blog, we’re always looking for interesting articles told from unique perspectives – which is why we offer $50 for freelance written articles!

We love articles that entertain, educate and inspire. If you have a strong opinion on why tattoos and fishnets are not acceptable office attire, great. Or if you think this is absolute bullshit - that's even better!

We’re looking for strong opinion pieces, written with a fearless tone. But this doesn’t mean we won’t accept well thought out ‘how to’ guides and articles that are a little more neutral. Let’s face it – learning how to style a gothic corset is pretty important!

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for the RebelsMarket blog, please read on to find out what we’re looking for.


Guest Contributor Guidelines

Here are a few VERY important things to keep in mind before you submit your article to RebelsMarket:

  1. We will not accept articles that have previously been published anywhere, in any format

  2. We do pay $50 per accepted article, via PayPal – so if you don’t have a PayPal account we can’t accept your article (sorry)

  3. You can write on any topic relevant to the RebelsMarket audience. These can include topics about the different subcultures we cater to (Goth, steampunk, punk, bohemian, etc) – but this is not a hard and fast rule

  4. We will not respond to emails that do not follow the writer guidelines, and this will result in your email being blocked from future communications. This means: don't send silly questions, don't send pitches or ideas rather than finished articles, and basically don't send anything other than a finished article to the email address laid out in the guidelines. 

  5. We will not accept articles that have links to commercial websites, eCommerce stores, competitor websites or any site that is geared toward selling something. This is not link building service. 


Your Submitted Article Must:

  • Be between 1000 and 2000 words long

  • Be broken up into sections using appropriate subheadings (use bullet points and lists where applicable)

  • Include images where applicable (pasting a link to an appropriate image where you would like to see it in the published article is fine)

  • Include links within the copy to other RebelsMarket articles where applicable. If you need to reference another website, only use reputable sources (and never to RebelsMarket competitor sites, your own website, or commercial websites)

  • Include a brief 2 paragraph summary about you, the author, at the end of the article. You can provide one link to your personal blog or writer website, or one of your social media handles if you wish. 


Types of Articles That We Love:

  • How-to articles that solve a specific problem (these do not always need to be fashion based)

  • DIY tutorials for interesting arts and crafts with an ‘alternative’ slant. If you can provide your own high-quality images then this will increase the chances of your article being accepted!

  • Lifestyle, culture and social commentary articles

  • Opinion pieces and controversial topics! If you have a strong opinion on something – let us know!


Articles We WON’T Accept:

  • Articles that have previously been published elsewhere, in any format

  • Articles that are promotional in any way, offer a product or commercial service - or link to a website that does. 

  • Articles that are too similar to something we already have published on the blog (so be sure to do your research)

  • Articles that are fiction, poetry, reviews, or any format other than a straight-up blog post

  • Articles that are offensive. It’s ok to write an opinion piece – maybe even throw in a couple of profanities here and there, but anything that is outright offensive or discriminatory will not be accepted!

  • Articles that are political. Sorry, this is an alternative fashion and lifestyle blog. And we’re going to keep it that way!



When you submit your work to RebelsMarket:

  • You grant us the permission to publish your article (upon acceptance) on the RebelsMarket blog and associated media properties

  • You grant us permission to make minor edits for length, tone, and clarity

  • You understand that we will not respond to every single submission (although we will try)

  • You agree that all work is your own. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism

  • You agree to the RebelsMarket terms


How to Submit an Article to RebelsMarket

Step 1: Read the RebelsMarket blog thoroughly to get a feel for the types of content we like to publish and to make sure that the article topic you have in mind has not already been covered.

Step 2: Read the content guidelines outlined above, and take note! We will change these from time to time, depending on the types of content we are looking for. For example – a detailed opinion piece on why there is a clear need for gothic swimwear might be great for the spring/summer season – but not so much around fall and winter.

Step 3: Send a complete draft of your article to, with the words 'Guest Contributor: Your Article Title' as the email subject line. A google doc or word document is fine. Also note THIS EMAIL IS FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS ONLY. If you wish to email about any other matters pertaining to RebelsMarket or the RebelsMarket Blog - please refer to the support email address.

Step 4: Wait. I will do my absolute best to read all contributions in a timely fashion – but cannot guarantee a response to every individual entry. If, however, you’d like to follow up with an email if you haven’t had a response within 2 weeks – then feel free.

Step 5: If your article is accepted I’ll contact you to let you know the good news, and we will work from there. If not, just submit a new article! Sometimes I’ll pass on a beautifully written article simply because it isn’t the right fit for our blog. The best way to ensure an article is accepted is to read the blog and guidelines thoroughly and come back with another idea.