Funtasma Costume Footwear

Meet Funtasma, your new go-to brand for footwear for costumes and cosplays.

Funtasma is one of the several awesome brands produced by Pleaser USA. Founded in 1993 and based in sunny Southern California, Pleaser USA is an industry leader in alternative and subculture inspired footwear. From vintage inspired shoes to fetish footwear, Pleaser USA has brands for every nonconformist.

When it comes to shoes for costumes and cosplays and fantasy clothing, Funtasma shoes simply can’t be beat.

Their wide selection includes women’s and men’s costume shoes for any cosplay or costume you could put together, whether it’s for Halloween, a themed party, or a convention. Funtasma even has great pieces if you like to incorporate Halloween themes into your everyday style during October or even all year long.

Funtasma also has pieces for costumes and cosplays of all complexities, whether you picked up a prefab costume, pieced a costume together from things already in your closet, carefully cultivated your costume piece by piece, or handmade the entire thing from scratch.

For example, pirate costumes are one of the most popular and for good reason – pirates are badass and it’s easy to create a unique pirate costume that suits your own personal, unique style and stands out from the crowd.

Funtasma has tons of boots in many different styles for both men and women that are perfect for a pirate costume. Get Funtasma boots in black or brown, flat or heeled, and sexy or demure. Whatever you need, Funtasma and RebelsMarket have it.

Speaking of boots, Funtasma gogo boots are available in a variety of colors and materials and are perfect for retro or superhero costumes.

We even have plus size boots in select styles!

RebelsMarket also has a great selection of Funtasma heels, including stilettos, platforms, and chunky heels, which are perfect for ladies who want a sexy costume or just want to add some height.

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Still not convinced? Let’s talk about some of your other Funtasma costume footwear options.

Funtasma’s patterned shoes, available in flats and heels, are perfect for adding an extra bit of detail to take your costume to the next level. The blood spatter pattern is perfect for zombie costumes and other blood and gore costumes, but Funtasma also has patterns that are excellent for cuter or sexier costumes like ladybugs or bumble bees.

Funtasma also has more simple, versatile shoe styles that work for a wide variety of costumes.

For example, wear any of Funtasma’s black shoes, with form-fitting black clothing, fake ears, and a fake tail for an easy but great-looking black cat costume.

Funtasma also has a huge array of vintage style shoes for both men and women that are perfect for historic and retro-inspired costumes. Buckle loafers are perfect for a colonial-era costume, while Victorian boots are great for steampunk and explorer costumes, as well as other Victorian looks. For a costume inspired by sometime in the last century, check out Funtasma’s selection of oxfords, mary janes, flapper heels, and heeled platform loafers.

Grab a pair of Funtasma boots with fur accents for costumes based on animals, Vikings, cavemen, or your favorite high fantasy franchise.

RebelsMarket is thrilled to carry a wide variety of killer alternative brands like Funtasma and other Pleaser USA brands, such as Pin Up Couture, Demonia, and Devious. Shop Funtasma today at RebelsMarket for awesome footwear for your costume or cosplay.

And don’t forget to shop our Halloween store and costume section for the rest of your costume or cosplay pieces. RebelsMarket has everything you need to make a great costume or cosplay from head to toe.