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Hats & Caps

Dress up your head with some exclusive women hats and caps. These headgear is truly off-the hook! From classic Vintage and retro fashion to Punk rock fashion, you can complete your edgy looks with these funky accessories. In the past, hats were associated with the elite.  During these times, womens hats were not worn for function, but rather worn to show off their prized possessions, like jewels, feathers, precious metals, and exotic fabrics. Although we no longer wear hats and caps for these reasons, these accessories are just as important. Browse this collection of fine women accessories and own a cool hat or cap. 


Timeless Women Hats & Caps

Headwear for women began in earnest during the Middle Ages when the church decreed that their hair must be covered. As fashions of the mid 1960’s were geared for youth, who wore hats sparingly, headwear became a main accessory in women fashion of the past. Even the Catholic Church dropped its dress code, abandoning required head coverings for women in 1967. With the exception of cold weather wear, the fashion hat all but disappeared in the 1970’s. Credit goes to Princess Diana’s influence in the 1980’s that met with some success in bringing hats back into style. More recent attempts to bring back the hat have centered on health in response to holes in the ozone layer. Today, fascinators are widely associated with Kate Middleton, or should we say Her Royal Highness Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. She is rarely seen without a fantastic and unique Fascinator. Other popular edgy women hats are caps and beenies.Hats have had a rich history, so why stop it now? Browse through our amazin collection and accessorize with style!