Burlesque Clothing & Costumes

Do you drool over feathers and lace and have a flair for the dramatic? Are you a hardcore fan of corset tops? Or do you love theatrical burlesque costumes, and want to get your hands on the trend? Then don’t be shy – come on in!

While burlesque fashion is intended to be sexy, and a little bit old fashioned, there are numerous ways to bring a modern twist to each outfit. I'm sure you've seen many people walking around in articles of white, crimson red, or even black clothing. Others may also go for bright colored shoes, lingerie, dresses, coats, among others. RebelsMarket offers a wide selection of burlesque inspired clothing, from intimates and panties to full costumes and apparel for men.

By shopping on RebelsMarket, you can buy clothing from some of the best alternative designers, brands, and stores from around the globe – all in one place. From high-end costumes and dresses right through to more affordable, topsleggings, and skirts.  We curate all our collections with every fan in mind, no matter their budget.

We carry beautiful, authentic wear for performers as well as more casual attire for those of you who want to dabble. Plus, all of our burlesque clothes are available in a variety of sizes. So whether you're regular, petite, or plus-sized, we have sexy clothing to fit and flatter your figure.

What is Burlesque fashion all about? 

Burlesque is closely associated with the "pinup" retro style. It revolves around bright red lipstick, pencil skirts, sexy undergarments that are daring, neatly styled hair, and pale skin.  It may also incorporate delicate headdresses such as fascinators and feathers. The headdresses can either be custom-made by designers or even handmade by the performers themselves, as long as they match with your outfit.

The outfits can be accessorized by simply wearing stockings in nude, black, or even patterns. Most performers may also wear sexy under outfits like bras, bustiers, waist cinchers, or trainers that help create an hourglass figure while creating an overall sexy appeal.

Flat or low-heeled shoes and jewelry also play an essential role when it comes to styling. The best part about these staples is that they can be used over and over to create several looks.

 In recent years, burlesque has undergone a comeback, and many clubs across the globe are now holding regular shows. Burlesque dancing offers many women the chance to look and feel sexy without taking all their clothes off, and the ultra-feminine fashion and erotic, often humorous acts mean burlesque is going to be around for a long, long time.

Corset dresses, for instance, are a very popular staple in the burlesque culture. They can be styled in different ways depending on the look you want to go for. For casual wear, pair with skinny jeans and lace-up boots. However, if you want to achieve a more formal look, then I'd recommend pairing it with heeled sandals. Join in the fun, and shop online now for gorgeous clothes. Break free from regular fashion and find something that stands out from the crowd!

Burlesque clothing borrows heavily from other styles, such as theatrical costumes, rockabilly, pinup fashion, and Victorian-era clothing. It also incorporates elements of vintage fashion, with a definite nod to early to mid-1900s glamour.

One thing to remember when styling a burlesque outfit is that curves are most definitely part and parcel of a beautiful look. Tightfitting pencil skirts or miniskirts are great for styling a burlesque costume. For an outrageous look, pair with a suspender belt. And if you're pairing a burlesque skirt with a top, then why not splash out and opt for a glamorous corset. This will draw you in at the waist, amplify your bosom, and give you a stereotypical hourglass figure.

But if you'd rather not splash out on a corset just yet, you can go for a style top or bustier paired with a cropped pinstripe jacket for a more understated daytime burlesque look. Similarly, if you don't want to go all out with your attire, but still want to incorporate some burlesque elements into your outfit, then you could opt for a vintage hairstyle with some bold hair accessories like a fascinator with feathers, bright red lipstick, and a few carefully placed accessories and embellishments. Rhinestones are recommended, along with sequins, lace, and ribbons - either worn in your hair or on your clothes; it doesn't matter!

But the one thing to remember when styling a costume or outfit is to be unique and go for what you feel comfortable with. If you have a thing for stripes, find a pinstripe skirt. If you're more of a pinup fan, consider pairing an underbust corset with a rockability or steampunk dress.

Just have fun, browse the different burlesque-inspired clothing on the market, and start planning an outfit or two that you can adapt to your unique look and style. You're sure to find a ton of inspiration for clothing and costume. Shop today to enjoy 10% off your first order.


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