Horror Outfits and Costumes

If you have a penchant for the creepy, an affinity for the scary and a downright obsession with all things horror, then you’ll probably be looking for cool alternative fashion to suit your tastes; so that you can wear your fandom with pride!

We cater to fans of multiple different alternative fashion genres, and we especially love sourcing cool horror merch to delight punks, goths, and steampunks alike! So if you’ve got a crush on Dracula, love yourself some Lovecraft, or just adore everything about this shadowy corner of popular culture - we’ve got clothing to suit your style!

Take advantage of this fact and let your inner rebel shine through, and go ahead and browse the horror clothing section of RebelsMarket. We have an awesome selection of horror outfits and clothing, perfect for anyone who loves this kick-ass genre!

If you're looking for horror T-shirts to add a creepy pop culture edge to your Gothic wardrobe, then we have you covered. We have a vast selection of horror merch, costumes, everything you need to create a creep-tastic look that stands out from the crowd.

The great thing about horror outfits is that they are undeniably alternative. You can mix and match scary T-shirts with grunge clothing, or use statement horror hoodies to add a hard, dark edge to pastel Goth outfits.

We are confident that we can offer the best horror clothing available to buy online - because we scour the web for the best items in this area. RebelsMarket is an online megastore featuring hundreds of different shops - each with their own unique items. This means we can offer you the best of the very best in horror-themed clothing, as we have a huge selection of indie brands and fashion designers at our fingertips. You won’t find these types of styles in regular stores!

And what’s more - because we source from multiple different alternative clothing stores - we can offer items to buy at multiple different price points too. No more scouring the web for the cheapest deals on horror outfits and clothing - you can get everything you need from RebelsMarket.

So shop now! Take a look at our selection of horror clothing. We are confident you will find something to suit both your style and your budget.


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Styling Horror Outfits & Costumes

When you identify with an alternative culture or subculture, it seems only natural that you want to wear your fandom with style. A perfect example of this is horror clothing and merchandise. If you are a self-confessed horror nerd, then finding authentic horror inspired merchandise is probably high on your agenda.

The only problem is, it can be difficult to find authentic looking horror inspired clothing to be the focal point of your outfit. Horror fashion and clothing isn't technically a subgenre of fashion in and of itself; unlike tattoo fashion or Gothic fashion for example.

If you want to construct an outfit based around horror clothing and fashion, then it's a great idea to pick a central theme. Consider the horror movies, novels, characters and even games that really speak to you – then work from there.

Rocking a T-shirt with a tentacle print design is a definite homage to H.P. Lovecraft, while a cute rockabilly dress covered in bats is an ode to the love of other horror tropes such as Dracula. Skulls and bones are another great symbol to add to your look if you want to keep your style creepy - which shows that you can get creative with horror fashion, and use symbols and prints to communicate your love of the genre.

Or of course, you could go the complete opposite and make horror the focal point of your outfit in no uncertain terms. Pull on a horror hoodie and pair it distressed zombie style clothing for a perfect mix of creepy and cool. Or just dress up in the latest trends but give your outfit a horror edge with scary T-shirts or dresses. Of course, there is a fine line between paying homage to this brilliant genre and going overboard and filling your wardrobe up with what can only be described as horror costumes. But then again, if that's your thing, then we say go for it!

The key here is to pick a theme and stick with it. If your theme is horror, then adorn yourself with all things horror. Let your love of this spooky genre shine through in what you wear and how you dress.