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Men’s Horror Costumes

Fear keeps us alive! Heart pumping, beads of sweat, temple throbbing, a chill down your spine; we all know what it means to be afraid. Get people to fear you with our horror costumes for men from RebelsMarket. With these pieces, you are sure to add a tapestry of scary art to your cosplay in a stylish way. Our collection of horror outfits allows you to bring out the most remarkable thrillers to life. 

Halloween is the one time of the year that you can get to wear your worst nightmare, literally! The scariest person in the room wins. Stand head and shoulders above the rest as you rock our scary Halloween costumes for men. These spooky outfits are all you need to bring the nightmare fuel from these spine-chilling stories into a reality. Creating a unique costume that suits you has never been easier, as the alternatives keep coming with spooky outfits. The style has also inspired nightmares, and terror made even more famous by scary movies from different franchises throughout history. 

What horror costumes should you buy? 

The defining factor of these Halloween horror costumes is the blend of quality craftsmanship and the source of the scary aesthetics. Knowing the distinction between these two allows you to choose what disguise you should get. Horror has been a concept since the beginning of time throughout millennia. Each culture has developed its form of horror stories. Cavemen told stories that scared their children and taught them to be careful. Today, we get to share these stories through scary movies on special days like Halloween and Día de Muertos (the day of the dead). The costumes in our collection embody these stories and allow you to keep the spirit of all that is evil and spooky alive. 

Michael Myers is an enigmatic character in the world of scary movies. He has become a legend under the Halloween franchise, known for mercilessly killing his victims with a kitchen knife. Our collection has Michael Myers costumes in incredible detail, from head to toe. It features a kitchen knife with blood on it, a jumpsuit, and his iconic face. There are LED eyes on them to get you to look horrific. The thing that makes Myers stand out from just your average villain is that all they want to spread is misery and death for its own sake. If you are interested in checking out more mainstream evildoers, then villain costumes have all you need to scratch that spooky itch.

Perhaps, one of the scariest figures that can rival Mike is one renowned for playing on the psychology of his victims. Would you chop off your limb or kill someone else to save yourself? Well, these are the kind of games that Jigsaw from the Saw franchise plays. We have a Jigsaw mask that has incredible detail to it. Check out how to put these horror masks to good use by looking through essentials for cosplay beginners

When bringing ice-cold death with no emotion but the singular ambition to destroy all life, none are equal to White Walkers. These creatures represented an existential threat to the world of Game of Thrones and were only defeated by extreme ingenuity (or poor writing-you didn’t hear that from us). Rock our WhiteWalker Night King mask from our adult horror costumes, complemented by a dark staple from our vintage costumes collection to look your scary best. The Night King is an imposing figure, and even without knowing who he is, his appearance makes him look like the harbinger of death. But few can rival him in appearance like the skin of Freddy Kruger. Freddy is the spirit of a serial killer that haunts you in your dreams with razor hands from the Nightmare on Elms Street. Our Freddy Costume comes complete with the razor hands, so go ahead and check it out. If you are interested in other undead creatures that will have you cowering beneath your blankets, then check out our zombie costumes collection. 

Our horror movie Halloween costumes don’t end there; we have other exciting stuff you see in nightmares. Many people fear clowns, and we have evil clown masks that will scare just about anyone. The collection wouldn’t be complete without enigmatic characters like the Joker from the Dark Knight. Find men’s horror costumes from films that have authentic detail to them. These spooky outfits feature the rocky picture showing the standard appearance of all the bizarre characters of the film. If you need a bit of inspiration when rocking these get-ups, check out our blog on creepy urban legends that are true and get inspiration on how to pull off a look this Halloween.

Our selection also features monsters that would look good as part of your cosplay or party look. We have a Lord Diable demon outfit featuring masks and gloves. Should you want the events to take an even more scary turn, then a beast disguise from the beauty and the beast will certainly nail the effect. But certainly, no creature can hold a candle to Lucifer himself. If you want to evoke a scream or two, get our devil costume, fully equipped with the elongated horns to get you looking your scary best. If devils don’t cut it for you and you want to create staggering fear as you go about looking for blood, browse through our collection of vampire costumes. Awaken the Dracula with our jarring outfits. Other ghoulish creatures await you; all you have to do is check out our monster costumes now!

Browse our diverse collection of horror costumes for men and find a piece that represents your inner misfit. We have get-ups that would look great for your costume party or cosplay event. Enjoy a stand-out experience while shopping at RebelsMarket today. Our range of items comes at affordable prices that will save you a bundle. Get 10% OFF your first buy. We ship worldwide.


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