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Men's Steampunk Clothing

Do not miss our different collection of men's steampunk clothing. Our cool clothing for men will have you running to the bank. From coats, and vests, to shirts, and trousers, you have a variety to choose from. Show off your creative and unique side with these trendsetting apparel. This Steampunk clothing will keep you true to yourself in your dressing. Lots of films and books have carried the day with Steampunk themes, and now this is your opportunity to feel the energy in this fashion. Choose the right outfit for the occasion, and you are sure to leave heads turning.

Dressing up is all about fantasy and having fun with outfits. Inspired from the 19th century, the garments are often well-ironed suits with men shirts, men top hats, and long straight coats. They normally bear a traditional Victorian appearance, inspired by Steampunk fiction authors like Tim Powers and K.W Jete. While it is possible to incorporate some Steampunk influence in everyday outfits, real attires are often reserved for special occasions such as anime or convention. It puts its spin on Victorian-era that has carved out its niche beyond the cosplay attempts of dedicated pop culture fans in recent years. Design aesthetics have a unique sharp look that melds the unique style's essence of the 19th century industrial revolution period.

The fashion first came into mainstream attention through the beloved 1995 classic "The City of Lost Children." Fashion enthusiasts were dazzled by the ingenious costume designs by Jean Paul Gaultier. The trend further continued, giving the style a more sleek and edged look than the earlier designs visually depicted in different mediums. Steampunk dressing also comes along with some headwear, like top hats or goggles.

If you are looking for a suitable guide to introduce you to the world of steampunk, where to buy clothing, and how to make your unique style, you have come to the right place. In this extensive guide, we will cover all the essential items of clothing and provide you with online sources to buy the best apparel.

Clothing and Accessories for men

  • Pantaloons/Trousers – Trousers tend to have a narrow fit with a combination of colors and materials that stand out. Striped classic pantaloons/trousers with fall fronts are all the rage now. Victorian style trousers are a bit difficult to find unless you want ready-made designs. Provided you find a tailor skilled enough to make one in the first place. Knickers are also an excellent option if you’re going for the nerd/engineer look.

  • Brocade vests and Waistcoats – Though brocade vests and waistcoats serve different purposes in mainstream styles with the former usually being worn inside, both are used as the top layer garments. Steampunk designs of vests and waistcoats feature elaborate and intricate craftsmanship. They are the trendiest staples to make a statement these days. A fitting double-breasted multi-button waistcoat should be a staple in every man's wardrobe.

  • Leather suspenders – A good pair of tanned or khaki leather suspenders are a must-have for any steampunk aficionado. Most male cosplays include this vital and trendy fashion accessory, which replaces the modern belt while adding a hint of exoticness even in a simple pant and shirt combination.

  • Boots – No outfit is complete without a nifty pair of steampunk boots mens unless you are going for the professor/engineer look. Boots are ornate and flashy affairs with multiple spurs, and buckle attachments adorned all over, making them seem like every cowboy's dream come true. Some of them even come with pouches for that extra adventurer vibe.

  • Round sunglasses and Goggles. No steampunk menswear wardrobe would be complete without owning a fashionable pair of goggles, or in the absence of goggles, round-dark sunglasses (like the pair Jamie Foxx rocked in Django Unchained)

  • Pocket watches – The classic pocket-watch has made a comeback in recent years thanks to some trendy cosplays and movies in past years.

  • Short Jackets –steampunk jackets men have been a staple since forever. They are tight-fitting pieces that end above the waist, requiring the wearer to have a respectable waistline to attempt it. They can be paired with regular clothing as well.


Steampunk men's fashion today is taking on different styles while incorporating current designs. It is now possible to have an item of clothing inspired by the Steampunk culture. Look through our collection and see which of these tickles you're fancy best. Don’t be left out on this trend. Shop today to enjoy 10% off your first order plus free shipping.