Victorian Clothing

Victorian era clothing is a gothic clothing trend that is dramatic and romantic. Gothic Victorian clothing is an elegant and regal subculture of gothic fashion that emphasis flair, beauty, and Avant Garde styles from the Victorian ages. How can you find clothing from more than nearly 200 years ago today? RebelsMarket is the number one place on the web where you can shop online for Victorian gothic clothing for men and women.

What is Victorian Style Clothing?

Victorian style clothing is reminiscent of the Era in which Queen Victoria of England ruled from 1837-1901. This gothic clothing style is marked by dark and mysterious clothing, black makeup, gowns, corsets, and hats.

Gothic Victorian Style Clothing is perfect for men and women who love to embrace looks that are witchy or remind them of vampires. Gothic Victorian is also called neo-Victorian and flirts with the dark side of romance, mysteries, and fantasies. Victorian gothic style clothing embraces red, black, and grey.

How to Style Victorian Goth Clothing

There are a few staples you will need for your Victorian gothic wardrobe.

Bustles, ruffles, full skirts, and high necklines are four elements that comprise Victorian goth clothing for women. Gothic skirts that bustle in the front allow the wearer to show a little leg if the want, but also creates drama and elegance.

Another must have for your goth wardrobe that can cross many different gothic subcultures is a goth corset or cincher. Not only are corsets beautiful and classic, they are sexy and help give you an hourglass shape. You can wear a bolero with your Victorian gothic corset for an authentic Victorian inspired look.

Men’s Victorian Goth style is all about the trench coats and military style goth jackets, tight pants, and a Victorian goth vest, preferably made from satin with a brocade pattern if you want to really embrace the vampire loving goth inside yourself!

You should also accessorize your Victorian Gothic style with bones, inverted crosses, roses, blood, crystals, roses, gloves, and anything that looks antique. Leather, lace, satin, and velvet are all popular materials for Victorian goth clothing.

Disney’s 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland, Penny Dreadful, and Sherlock are all modern movies and television shows that depict great Victorian Gothic Clothing. You can also browse our selection of Victorian clothing style at RebelsMarket where we guarantee diverse offerings of gothic fashions in nearly every subculture including steampunk, traditional goth, and goth accessories.

Victorian Clothing for Women

Victorian clothing for women is romantic and embraces some of the tenants of goth culture including dark colors and dramatic styles. RebelsMarket carries a variety of Gothic Victorian clothing for women that is sexy, sophisticated, dramatic, and rebellious. Our gothic women’s clothing offerings are both affordable as well as stylish. Women who love gothic fashion will be ecstatic to browse through the Victorian gowns, skirts, and women’s gothic boots to complete the perfect Victorian style.

Women’s Victorian Dresses

Women’s Victorian Dresses are generally black, grey, red, purple, or striped. Gothic Victorian dresses feature layers and pleats, high necklines, sleeves, and are always a little sexy, romantic, and mysterious. Gothic Victorian gowns are dramatic and accentuate a women’s waist and bust.

RebelsMarket has some of the best Victorian gothic dresses for women in different lengths including knee length, and floor length. Many dresses even bustle to pull the gothic dress above the knee for a sexier style. Some inspiration for Victorian gothic dresses included saloon girls, vampires, and English Victorian fashion.

Gothic Victorian Skirts

Gothic Victorian skirts are known for being layered and bustled with a hi-low design where the front cut is high (usually above the knee), and the back is low (usually to the ankles). Gothic skirts also include ruffles and are black, jewel-toned, red, or grey.

If you don’t want to have your legs out, you can also find ankle and floor length gothic skirts. RebelsMarket has the very best and most affordable gothic skirts for women in the online marketplace, and Victorian skirts are show-stopping pieces that every goth girl should own.

Victorian Gothic Bustiers & Corsets

Gothic Bustiers & Corsets help goth women achieve a classic hourglass figure by cinching the waist in and pushing your bust. Corsets are beautiful accessories for any traditional gothic outfit but a requirement if you are creating a Victorian Goth style for yourself.

Corsets are also a signature piece of steampunk gothic style. Victorian gothic style is more about the color, brocade pattern, lace and boning while steampunk corsets often have rivets, grommets, and straps.  

Victorian Gothic Jackets and Coats

Victorian Gothic jackets and coats have high necklines and button in the front. Jackets tend to sit at the hip and are lightweight. Victorian gothic jackets usually have bell sleeves that allow the blouse underneath to stick out of the jacket sleeve. Victorian gothic jackets usually mix velvet, satin and feathers and coats are most often black or red, and brocade patterns are favorite.

Victorian gothic coats are longer and hang below the waist, typically to the knee or ankles. Many women’s gothic Victorian coats have the same hi-low effect that gothic Victorian dresses for women have with the high cut front and low cut back hem. Like Victorian gothic jackets for women, the coats button, typically have high necklines and come in dark and jewel tone colors. Gothic coats from the Victorian era will use fur instead of feathers.

Women’s Gothic Victorian Standard Tops

Women’s gothic Victorian standard tops come in many different styles through RebelsMarket. You’ll be able to find off the shoulder leather peasants tops that cinch at the waist, bolero over corset tops, and tops with bell sleeves, lace, and ruffles. Cravat blouses are modest and accurate to the Victorian era if you are looking for something less sexy and more historical.

Victorian standard blouses can also have high necklines, and cinched waist achieved with satin ties that help shape the shirt to your body. Gothic Victorian blouses are romantic and ethereal. They will remind you of the Renaissance and often incorporate ribbon, satin, velvet, butterfly sleeves, square necklines, and a long hem that drapes over the hips.

Lace gothic Victorian baby doll shirts are beautiful over goth leggings or leather pants. Satin trim kimono sleeve Victorian tops are another popular option that can work with short skirts, leggings, leather pants, or skinny black jeans.

Victorian Men’s Clothing

Victorian Men’s clothing is available on RebelsMarket and is one of the hottest trends in gothic fashion. Goth women love a man who looks like a dark and sexy vampire and Victorian outfits for men embrace the gothic and romantic elements of the Victorian and Baroque periods. A man who wants to incorporate gothic Victorian fashion into their goth wardrobe needs a collection of coats, vests, and pants.

Men’s Victorian Gothic Coats

Gothic trench coats are the most famous Victorian gothic coats for men. They are long, typically a dark color like black, grey or dark jewel tone, and use buttons or the hook and eye method to fasten at the front. Victorian coats for men usually button just to the waist and then flair open at the bottom. Some have coattails. Pirates jackets are also considered part of Victorian gothic fashion. At RebelsMarket we have plenty of eye-catching and dramatic styles for you to choose from including cape coats, swallowtail gothic coats, and long coats for men.

Men’s Gothic Vests

Vests were part of daily wear in the Victorian era, and they certainly help gothic men look elegant, sophisticated, and dapper. Gothic Victorian vests are worn over button-up shirts and can tuck into the gothic men’s pants or not. Vests should be fitted and hug the waist to slim the male’s figure. RebelsMarket sells double-breasted vests, collared vests, steampunk gothic vests.

Men’s Victorian Gothic Pants

Men can quickly get away with a pair of tight, black skinny jeans to wear with their Victorian gothic outfit; however, Jacquard pants, architect pants, and canvas airship pants are much more authentic choices. RebelsMarket carries all these plus high waisted Tussar pants, Dickens brown pants, and classic gentleman’s trousers. Any of these choices fit the Victorian gothic pants for men style.

Victorian Gothic Jewelry and Accessories

Part of the fun of creating a Victorian Gothic outfit is accessorizing your clothing. Victorian gothic jewelry is used brooches, lace, chokers, filigree, roses, crystals, teardrop shaped gems, rubies, emeralds, silver, gold, or bronze, and pendants. You can mix and match gothic choker necklaces with long draping jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings that look antique or feature cameos are the perfect match for a Victorian gothic dress.

Some of the gothic accessories you will want to own for your Victorian style include black hand fans made from paper or lace, a cigarette or money case, pocket watches, Victorian style hats or top hats for men, leather attaché pouch, Edwardian parasols, gloves, collar capes, and collar clips for men.

Where to Shop Victorian Gothic Clothing

RebelsMarket is a leader in Victorian gothic clothing for men and women. RebelsMarket believes in diversity and offers clothing many subcultures of gothic fashion and the goth lifestyle which is why Victorian gothic style pieces that are dramatic, high quality and affordable are available through RebelsMarket. We make sure to keep up with the trends so you can have one stop shopping for all your goth fashion needs.



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