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Men’s Brogue Shoes

When it comes to men’s shoes, classic handmade leather brogues are a must-have style piece. Brogues are not only fashionable, but the shoes' unique perforations can take your style to another level. So, when it comes to picking a pair of shoes to wear, why not go for a pair of casual brogue shoes? When paired correctly, brogue shoes are the perfect pair to complete your semi-formal or even smart casual attire.


The History of Brogues

Modern brogues can be traced back to Ireland and Scotland, where they were initially made using hide that was not tanned. Additionally, the leather also had small perforations. The primary purpose of these perforations was to allow water to drain through the brogues when one was walking in any wet terrain. Brogues have gone through a series of evolutions. The modern brogue now features decorative perforations and serrated edges. It is this patterned detail that makes low-heeled brogues easier to identify.

Types of Brogues

Quality handmade brogues usually come in two styles, the oxford, and the Derby. While the oxford brogue shoe features an enclosed lacing, the Derby brogue shoe, on the other hand, features an open lacing.

With classy brogue shoes for men coming in several styles such as the quarter brogue, the full brogue(wingtip), and the half brogue, you cannot fail to at least own a pair.

The Quarter Brogue

Ideal for formal occasions, men's quarter brogues are characterized by decorative serrations and perforations along the edges of the cap toe. Quarter brogues do not have any form of detailing in the middle parts of the toe cap. This simplicity, therefore, makes the shoes perfect for pairing with business attires such as suits.

The Half Brogue

The half brogue, also known as semi-brogue, not only features punched serrations in the center of the cap but also along the edges of the toe cap.

The men’s semi-brogue was first designed as an oxford shoe in 1937 by John Lobb Ltd. Lobb then ended up adding some bit of detailed perforations to make the shoes more stylish as compared to just the plain oxford shoe.

Although half brogues tend to be more formal than full brogues, they still pair well with a variety of outfits.

The Full Brogue (Wingtip)

Also known as wingtip brogues, the men’s full brogue is a unique pair that is characterized by a pointed toe with wing-like extensions on both sides of the shoe. When the toe cap is viewed from the top, the shoes’ details resemble an ‘M’ or ‘W’ shape, hence the name wingtip.

While a plain-toe shoe with wingtip details is called a "blind brogue," a wingtip shoe with no perforations is referred to as an “austerity brogue.”.

Brogue Styling Tips

When it comes to styling your unique leather brogues, always;

  • Go for comfortable brogue shoes for men that not only suit your style but the occasion you are dressing for too.

  •  For casual outfits, go for a pair of brogue shoes that have a lot of perforations. If you, however, want to dress up for a formal occasion, then consider going for a pair of brogue shoes with minimal punching.

  •  For a more relaxed look, match your light-colored pants with a pair of classic brown or burgundy brogues and a button-up shirt.

What Should I Pair My Brogue Shoes with?

Brogue Shoes for men were initially considered to be more of outdoor footwear than a casual or business shoe staple. However, the patent leather dress shoes have gone through a series of evolutions to include several materials, styles, and colors suitable for formal occasions.

As a versatile dress shoe, casual brogue shoes for men pair well with just about any outfit, from chino pants to vintage style t-shirts and men's slim fit distressed jeans. You can also choose to match your stylish brogue shoes with your two-piece suit.


 Brogue Shoes with Skinny Jeans

When worn right, handmade leather brogues can look stylish and smart. When rocking your casual brogues with ripped jeans, always be sure to keep things simple and sleek. Pair your brogue shoes with slim jeans in shades like black or even dark blue.

Brogue Shoes with High Waisted Pants

One of the best things about brogues made from genuine leather is that they can be easily dressed up or down. To dress up a pair of brogues, pair the low-heeled shoes with neutral colors of regular closet staples like a fitting shirt and blazer.  If you, however, want a more sophisticated look, then consider going for brogue shoes with classic shades. You can opt for men's casual brogues that come in colors such as burgundy, brown, or even black.  You can also create a look by pairing your leather brogues with classic colors of high waisted pants. 

Whatever the occasion may be, it’s always easy to pull together a complete look with a pair of comfortable brogue shoes for men. RebelsMarket offers a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from. With handmade men’s brogue shoes made for you on order, you'll find the best fit. Shop for genuine leather brogue shoes now to enjoy prices that are half the manufacturer's price.