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Plaid Skirts

Plaid skirts have caught people’s attention in the fashion industry from stylists and fashion enthusiasts who rock them 24/7. Plaids have become popular and are essential statements in some cultures. Classic or colorful, asymmetrical, or A-line, short or long, they are something you can style with literally anything because they come in different tastes and color schemes. 

Whenever someone talks of plaid, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a tartan-twilled or chequered piece of cloth. Plaid skirts may be described as skirts with a crisscross pattern, like those found on a Scottish kilt or punk rocker pants. They are usually made from wool or flannel with a multi-colored tartan design. You can pair them with different sexy tops and cute jackets for women, depending on the occasion. 

Factors to consider when shopping for plaid skirts online

(1). Fit

It is important to consider if you want a hip-tight, tapered, flowing, or pencil skirt. The fitting that you choose is determined by your body type and the shape of your legs, and also your personal preferences. Therefore, some plaid designs can be more suitable for your body shape, while others may not.  

If you are plus-size, I’d recommend going for a plus-size skirt, and if at all you opt for a tight option, then look for one that can make you comfortable and stylish. As for a petite body, you can go for a plaid mini skirt if you have a regular figure. Once you learn how to choose a skirt according to your body type, you will find it easy to emphasize the beauty of other parts of your body.

(2). Length 

The length of the ALT skirt is also a crucial factor to look out for when choosing a suitable skirt. RebelsMarket offers different varieties ranging from a maxi to a skater, knee-high, to beyond the knees, and ankle length. Usually, the preference is different from one individual to another, but there are some general guidelines to use for choosing a perfect skirt. Shorter skirts make legs look longer visually, whereas long skirts make the legs look shorter. It is also important to know that certain outfits can enhance the length of the skirt. While a mini skirt will look chic with a combination of unique women's boots, pleated or belly dance skirts may look much better with boleros and crop tops.


(3). Material 

There are many different materials available these days, and it is easy to feel lost on the type of material to go for. Usually, it is the color and patterns that make the pick easier, but it is also vital to consider the fabric. 

Cotton- Cotton is the best material to go for, especially for sensitive skin. It is breathable, transmits moisture away from the body, and is absorbent, leaving you comfortable on a hot day. The fabric can protect you from the heat in summer and cold during winter by providing thermal insulation by trapping air between the fibers. Cotton would be the best pick, especially if you are going for a high-waisted skirt.

Wool- Wool is an active fiber that keeps you warm when it is cold and cools you on a hot day. It is a perfect material that can be worn all year round.

You can go for Glen Urquhart plaid, one of the best business wear in today's urban world. It is made from a woolen fabric woven into a twill design, composed of large and small checks. The smooth texture of the silk makes it ideal for comfort. Glen Urquhart plaid is an integrated skirt that can effortlessly transition from simple office wear to a nice dinner or classic show outfit. 

For the cold weather, go for winter skirts, which are made from a thick woolen fabric. It is a combination of three neutral colors, namely, black, white, and grey that can be paired with almost any type of top. A Black, white, or grey blazer will also blend in well. You can go all out and match it with stylish boots to compliment the cozy look. Adding a matching scarf can be a cool way to accessorize the outfit. 

(4). Color 

Red skirts are very stylish and easy to find. A cool gothic look would be to pick a red plaid personalized zipper skirt. They can be customized with zippers and leather straps. Stick to a high-waisted skirt because they offer a more hip and urban look. Don't forget to accessorize with black chokers and punk bracelets for a complete goth-themed outfit. 

You can opt for a high-waisted pleated or pencil mini skirt to give you extra legroom to move around. You can add flair to your weekends by rocking a bright yellow chequered skirt. Pair with a white or black tank top. This is a casual look for a bright sunny day. You can also match the outfit with black or yellow heels and then accessorize with a black bracelet. A cute clutch bag may come in handy if you are going outdoors. 

Yellow pencil skirts may be ideal for formal wear. If you'd rather go for a mini skirt, then opt for one with a small slit, or a knee-length pencil skirt with a long slit at the back. A black or white blouse will always blend in perfectly with the skirt. High-waisted pencil skirts can stand out even without a belt to compliment the waistline. You can wear the outfit with a chequered blazer together with a plain trench coat. Just accessorize it with a simple matching clutch bag, and you have yourself a sophisticated modern look. 

You can now shop for your perfect fit using the few pointers. Check out RebelsMarket's cool collection of plaid skirts. Our skirts are made from high-quality fabrics guaranteed to meet your styling needs. Shop today and get 10% OFF your first purchase.