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Wrap Skirts

Wrap skirts are rectangular pieces of textile that can be wrapped and tied around the waist. Also known as wrap-around, they usually overlap, so that leg and knee movements will not cause the skirt to open up and reveal the body.  One of the attractive components is the easy fit, most of them are designed with adjustable fits according to various hips and waist measurements. The best part about the skirts is that they are easy to style with wardrobe staples you already have. They transition easily from spring to summer, and you’ll get so much wear out of them. These skirts are perfect for both everyday wear and vacations, even for Sunday brunching. It is probably on this day that you are planning to get yourself a wrap skirt, so here are a few tips you can use!

Factors to consider when shopping for a wrap skirt online

(1). Material

  • Cotton- Go for cotton which is the easiest pick, especially for sensitive skin. Look for long-fiber cotton, the best quality, and with a beautiful sheen. This includes brushed cotton, denim, lawn, chambray, and fine poplin. Cotton lasts a long time, is still durable after several washes, and is suitable for both summer and winter.

  • Wool- The weight and drape of wool make it a perfect skirt fabric. Wool jerseys, challis, and double knits are considered the best types of wool, with wool crepe topping the chart because it does not add bulk to the figure, and it is easy to press.

  • Linen- Linen is seen as the most durable natural fiber, and is even stronger after washes. It is breathable and highly absorbent, apart from that, it also blends well with other fabrics such as rayon. If you are going for slim and fitted flare skirts, then choose a linen material.

  • Silk- This type of material can be slippery and smooth, or have the look and feel of linen and cotton. The importance of a silk alternative skirt includes being hypoallergenic, breathable, lightweight, and durable. It comes in various types, such as chiffon, georgette, and charmeuse.

  • Leather- Leather is also a perfect option worth giving a try. When it comes to making high-quality skirts, leather is one of the best materials. A high-waisted leather skirt will never disappoint if you want to look stylish and sexy.

(2). Fit

  • Petite- If you have a petite figure, go for shorter shirts that show off your legs, as opposed to long hemlines. Minis are your best friends, whether you prefer something trendy, like ruffles, or a vintage denim skirt. You can wear these with tees, button-downs, tanks, and even sweaters come fall.

  • Tall and lean- You can easily pull off any type of skirt within your reach, but maxis are the perfect fit for a slim frame. Go for a simple chiffon number, a flowy boho bottom, or something that is a little more statement-making, say a pleated bow design. If there is one thing that you don’t have to worry about is maxis overwhelming your figure.

  • Curvy- Look for skirts that highlight your hourglass figure and show off your curves. Pencil skirts should be your best pick, as they nip in the waist and hug the hips, falling more loosely over the knees and calves. There are tons of pencil styles for different occasions, for instance, a checked pattern for corporate office vibes, and a cheery floral print for summer vacations. 

  • Pear-shaped- For a pear-shaped figure, an A-line skirt. whether short or long, will do the magic. Create a balance from head to toe by wearing a skirt that cinches in at the waist and flares out at the bottom. You can further add a belt to draw attention to the narrowest part of your body.

(3). Length

  • Maxi skirts- They are between the midi and tea levels,  typically two levels down the knee. You can fasten them at the back or the front, depending on your preference. You can also opt for single-layered maxi skirts designed to give off a slit impression. Maxi skirts can be worn to suit different occasions, from casual wear to dinner parties or sunny weekends out with the girls.

  • Midi skirts- If you are looking for skirt options with a hemline that ends below the knee, I’d recommend going for midi skirts. They are cool pieces, especially if you are looking to achieve a conservative look. Midis can either be single-layered or double-layered. If you want to create some edge or add flair to your skirt, you can opt for pleated ones. 

  • Mini skirts- Mini skirts are another staple worth adding to your closet. They are trendy in today’s modern fashion world. You can choose from a wide range of options like a chequered or a plain print. If you are a lover of pencil and pleated designs, then mini skirts are the perfect go-to outfits for an everyday look. They can be customized with pockets and zippers to best suit your personality. Style with a cute top and leather or unique women's boots if you are going for a punk rock look. You can also accessorize with a cool bracelet and a  goth choker.  

(4). Types of wrap skirts

  • Beach skirts- They are the most sought-after options as they are a convenient piece of clothing for women when it comes to beachwear. Beach skirts can be the best cover-up during summer at the beach, adding more chic to your look. Do you know what the best part is? They can also double up as a beach towels. You can get them in different designs, from tropical to floral prints and so much more. Wear a swimsuit, you can opt for a gothic swimsuit underneath to avoid changing when you get to the beach. For a comfortable feel at the beach, stick to flat shoes or, better yet, go for cute sandals. A stylish hat is also an essential add-on to the outfit. 

  • Ballet skirts- Mostly made of chiffon, ballet skirts add an extra edge to your look. They are usually light, making them ideal for ballet dancing. Go for a cover-up to look fresh, and to give you the freedom to leap and twirl during your ballet practice.

  • Layered skirts- Layers add volume to the skirt and make the person look pretty and charming. They give a sleek look to a normal skirt, making it stylish. You can style the skirt with a cami made from cotton, linen, or silk. Throw in a chequered blazer if you are going to stay out late. They can be accessorized with leather boots or a classy stiletto. You can also add a hobo, baguette, or bucket handbag, and complement the whole look with a stylish necklace. 

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