Spiral Direct Clothing

Spiral Direct was established in the United Kingdom in 1990 and since then has been a leader in the dark and edgy apparel for those who love alternative fashion. RebelsMarket is incredibly proud to have Spiral Direct UK as one of our awesome brands.

Spiral Direct specializes in clothing with beautiful, high quality printed artwork to appeal to all sorts of dark and fantasy clothing styles, but they also have a variety of non-printed apparel styles to meet all of your possible needs for alternative fashion basics.

Spiral Direct has apparel with artwork for all interests. If you like the darkest of dark styles, check out their styles with undead, reaper, skull, blood, and horror-inspired prints.

If you prefer your dark style with a bit of whimsical flair, you will enjoy Spiral Direct’s styles that incorporate cute, cat, dog, forest, and wing themes while still maintaining an edgy feel.

Spiral direct also has clothing with artwork inspired by roses, hearts, and vixens for the romantics and real-life vixens out there.

Those who like spiritual motifs can purchase Spiral Direct clothing with cross, angel, soul, and dream catcher themes, while those who prefer artwork that depicts pure fantasy should buy Spiral Direct’s items with the dragon, unicorn, fairy, werewolf, and gargoyle motifs.

Spiral Direct clothing even includes fashion inspired by favorite alternative culture music, television, and video games: Assassin’s Creed, Vikings, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, and Five Finger Death Punch.

And even though we’ve discussed all of those themes and styles, we have still barely just scratched the surface on all the badass items that can be found in Spiral Direct men's clothing and Spiral Direct women's clothing.

Browse our complete collection of Spiral Direct apparel on RebelsMarket today to find all of the pieces that you’ve been needing.

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Styling Spiral Direct Clothing

We’ve talked about a few of the many, many themes available among the various pieces offered by Spiral Direct UK, but now let’s move on and talk about some of the most popular styles and even a few individual items that Spiral Direct sells through their RebelsMarket online store.

Spiral Direct clothing includes styles for both men and women that balance affordability with alternative style.

The most popular items in the Spiral Direct men's clothing line are their printed tees.

Edgy Spiral Direct t-shirts include a huge array of alternative style ranging from goth to heavy metal to horror. Tees and simple pants, like jeans, make for an ultra easy, ultra-casual alternative look.

Spiral Direct hoodies are also very popular among men and they can be styled pretty much the same as tees. Throw one on over your favorite Spiral Direct tee for an extra bit of warmth without sacrificing your awesome style.

When it comes to Spiral Direct women's clothing, tops and dresses are the most popular categories of apparel.

Unlike men, the most popular Spiral Direct tops among women versatile, unprinted black styles, that are edgy even without the print. Ripped tops and tops with lace detailing are great ways to inject some offbeat tone into your basic pieces of clothing.

Spiral Direct dresses with similar styles are also popular, though you might prefer a graphic printed tee shirt dress.

And Spiral Direct even rounds out their offerings for your alternative family’s alternative tastes in clothing with styles for babies and kids as well!

Like RebelsMarket, Spiral Direct respects both your budget and your style, and wants you to have the best of both affordability and appearance without sacrificing quality - we wouldn’t host them on our site if they didn’t!

So whatever your style, buy from Spiral Direct to get the best pieces for your dark and edgy aesthetic at the best price.